Reversing Camera installed

I purchased a reversing camera kit from a classified on Motorhome Fun in August for £50 including postage, another bargain.

The current reversing camera doesn’t work properly, when it does work the image is patchy in black and white plus the screen is too small.

rev cam1

7″ colour screen, good camera, wiring kit, remote control & instructions

This model clips over the interior mirror but it I plan to have it mounted on the dash near my eye line and not on the interior mirror.

It is hard wired to the ignition so it switches on upon starting the engine, I then choose to leave it on or press the off button. I don’t have it on whilst driving, it’s a brilliant add on accessory and makes reversing so much easier.

Before Lee at DB Audio came and fitted it, I made a camera bracket because I wanted the camera mounted higher for a better camera angle, plus I didnt want any holes drilled in the van.


reversing cam pos

Old camera in red, new camera in green, arrows for bolts

The new camera is to be mounted on the base of the cycle rack, the old camera in the red back has been disconnected. Off to B&Q then for angled aluminium, cost £6, back home, measured up drilled two holes to line up with the nut and bolts on the cycle rack, next drilled four holes in to the bracket to mount the camera, job done.

Mounted camera, wired through the vent, no drilling

Lee used the wiring kit, went through the fridge vent, no drilling holes in the external bodywork, along the inside of the van through the lockers towards the front, he did a very neat job with the wires hidden.

rev cam sat nav

Drivers view of the reversing camera & Sat Nav

Very chuffed with the results………




Radio Speakers – one has blown!

The new PURE radio works a treat but we have found that one of the speakers is damaged! Now we have got to buy new speakers, we need – 4 ohm & 40 watts minimum.

That is straight forward enough we thought, we go on-line to buy replacements, it can’t be that hard can it? Well it proved to be a little more difficult that expected.

Most new radio speakers at the retailers are oval shape and hardly any are circular, also the ones in the motorhome have a large diameter of 9″


How big are they?

We didn’t want to adapt or change anything, we wanted to just buy speakers and put them in the same holes.

After a few searches without success we left it for a day or two. I tried to find the exact same brand of speakers, Welltech model 20363, 4 ohm and 120 watts, I saw some in Europe via eBay, also did a search for the company Welltech, based in Germany hoping to source some from them.


I was looking and searching again a week later and found a set of brand new speakers by Welltech, they were exactly the same model, complete with sub woofers, never used & still in the box. The seller was in Chester with reasonable postage, I clicked the checkout button immediately and I felt very pleased with myself.


Very pleased with myself!

Fitting was is easy, 4 screws, used the same electrical connections, it’s a great sound and a great result!

Dave & Cathy