Pogo chills out in Krakow! – Poland


Monday 2nd July 2018

Cathy posting,

We are en-route to Krakow this morning it’s a bright sunny day but it’s still chilly at this height in the mountains, yesterday I bought some sheep wool bootys and I’ve got them on still, no I didn’t sleep in them but it was tempting! On park4night app we have found an overnighter at another RV centre approx. 6 kms from Krakow centre, Continue reading

Reversing Camera installed

I purchased a reversing camera kit from a classified on Motorhome Fun in August for £50 including postage, another bargain.

The current reversing camera doesn’t work properly, when it does work the image is patchy in black and white plus the screen is too small.

rev cam1

7″ colour screen, good camera, wiring kit, remote control & instructions

This model clips over the interior mirror but it I plan to have it mounted on the dash near my eye line and not on the interior mirror.

It is hard wired to the ignition so it switches on upon starting the engine, I then choose to leave it on or press the off button. I don’t have it on whilst driving, it’s a brilliant add on accessory and makes reversing so much easier.

Before Lee at DB Audio came and fitted it, I made a camera bracket because I wanted the camera mounted higher for a better camera angle, plus I didnt want any holes drilled in the van.


reversing cam pos

Old camera in red, new camera in green, arrows for bolts

The new camera is to be mounted on the base of the cycle rack, the old camera in the red back has been disconnected. Off to B&Q then for angled aluminium, cost £6, back home, measured up drilled two holes to line up with the nut and bolts on the cycle rack, next drilled four holes in to the bracket to mount the camera, job done.

Mounted camera, wired through the vent, no drilling

Lee used the wiring kit, went through the fridge vent, no drilling holes in the external bodywork, along the inside of the van through the lockers towards the front, he did a very neat job with the wires hidden.

rev cam sat nav

Drivers view of the reversing camera & Sat Nav

Very chuffed with the results………




Radio Speakers – one has blown!

The new PURE radio works a treat but we have found that one of the speakers is damaged! Now we have got to buy new speakers, we need – 4 ohm & 40 watts minimum.

That is straight forward enough we thought, we go on-line to buy replacements, it can’t be that hard can it? Well it proved to be a little more difficult that expected.

Most new radio speakers at the retailers are oval shape and hardly any are circular, also the ones in the motorhome have a large diameter of 9″


How big are they?

We didn’t want to adapt or change anything, we wanted to just buy speakers and put them in the same holes.

After a few searches without success we left it for a day or two. I tried to find the exact same brand of speakers, Welltech model 20363, 4 ohm and 120 watts, I saw some in Europe via eBay, also did a search for the company Welltech, based in Germany hoping to source some from them.


I was looking and searching again a week later and found a set of brand new speakers by Welltech, they were exactly the same model, complete with sub woofers, never used & still in the box. The seller was in Chester with reasonable postage, I clicked the checkout button immediately and I felt very pleased with myself.


Very pleased with myself!

Fitting was is easy, 4 screws, used the same electrical connections, it’s a great sound and a great result!

Dave & Cathy





Water system in Pogo isn’t working!

Here we are at Cathy’s sisters house in Oxfordshire, parked up on their drive for a family visit and party.

We go straight inside to greet everybody and after a few hours I go back to the van to set it up for the night, we are sleeping in it.

Now I discover the water system isn’t working, no flow of water, no pressure and I can’t  fill the Truma hot water heater. It is not essential for tonight but it is annoying all the same though, we put the EHU (electric hook up) on.

I’ll look at it again tomorrow.

Please look here at our Weymouth trip to continue with the story.


Starter battery replaced

It transpires that the starter battery needs replacing, it’s not holding enough charge to start the engine, we did a few tests and yes we need a new one (October 2017).

Go on the PC to source a suitable replacement battery, again we went on the Motorhome Fun forums, lots of advice, tips, prices, technical info and best places to buy.

Popped the bonnet to get the specifications of the old battery, jotted them down and back to the computer to purchase a new starter battery.

Current Battery Info & Dimensions

355mm length

175mm width

190mm height

90 Ah

C.C.A. = 800 (Cold Cranking Amps)

Unusually there wasn’t a date stamp on the battery.

Whilst researching and checking out prices and suppliers I saw a comment about the terminal layout on the battery, urmm what does that mean exactly? A bit more checking and I need the terminal layout to be RH+ (right hand positive).

Ok, this is the right one for us, Varta Silver Dynamic H3 600 402 083. The correct sizes & dimensions, with higher CCA at 830, 100Ah and with RH+ terminal.

I called Battery Megastore to confirm that it’s the correct battery, and their price was £113.95, back on eBay and the exact same battery from Battery Megastore – same company, was only £107.95 including free next day delivery. Saved £6!

varta battery

Fitting a new battery

It took me about 30 mins to fit, how I did it is here on Motorhome Fun

Another job done and I am pleased with myself!



Alternator problem!

During August 2017 our motorhome went in for the annual MOT, although it passed the tester called me over, we got under the van and he highlighted a potential problem.

Using his torch he pointed upwards and said can you see the alternator up there? yes, well the long bolt holding securing it to the sub frame has worked loose and it’s just hanging on, that’s an accident waiting to happen!

Can you fix it here? No sorry we don’t do that type of work, ok I said. Called Peter at GEP Motors and arranged for it to be repaired there next week, but I didn’t fancy driving the van to be honest.

A week later after the repair we went to collect Pogo, Peter showed me the alternator belts and said we were lucky as they were badly damaged and it was only a matter of time before they snapped off or the alternator fell off.


The bolt has slipped to the right, no nut, dangerous!


I felt better now that this potential problem has been fixed and we can drive with peace of mind, this could have fell off on our journey to Lincoln a few weeks ago and that’s a scary thought, maybe we had a lucky escape!

The repair cost was £119 including VAT, once again great service.

A few days later I popped back to MOT Northwest with a four pack of lager for the Paul the tester, I explained I was grateful to him for discovering the problem, he was surprised and taken aback, well it’s not often customers come back with gifts!

I didn’t know then that I would be back for more repair jobs!


Four New Tyres

It’s time for some new motorhome tyres (September 2017).

The reason for wanting a set of new tyres is;

  • the tyres are too old now, date stamped 2009, sailed through the MOT in August though
  • but good tread depth of 7mm all round
  • no M&S (mud & snow) markings or snowflake symbol on the tyre, required for Germany and Austria in winter months
  • confidence i.e. not driving on old tyres

After reading and researching all about tyres I can see why this subject can become a bit confusing and hazy. There is a lot of opinion, reasons, personal preferences, price, quality, braking distance, grip on wet grass, rain, snow, wear ratio and so it goes on.

Whilst reading the forums Brian’s name kept cropping up as the man to ask, he owns a tyre business and is a motorhomer, a perfect combination. I contacted Brian at P&B Tyres through the forum page and we chatted over the phone. During the discussion he listened to me thoughts, he asked all the relevant questions, tyre age, winter markings, weight of the van, spare, size of the tyre. Brian was really helpful, knowledgeable and patient & made me feel at ease,  he suggested I thought about it for a few days and to contact him again if I wanted any further info, there was no hard sell.

Over the next few days I looked at the tyres and specifications that Brian mentioned and in particular the Continental and Evergreen brands. We chatted once more as I still wasn’t sure and I then chose four Evergreen tyres and arranged a fitting date.

  • EW616 Tyre
  • Tyre size 215/75/16R
  • Radial
  • M&S markings with a snowflake symbol
  • 10 ply – other brands were 8 ply
  • 4 new tyres cost £352 including VAT, fitting etc

Brian mentioned that almost 90% of the worlds tyres are manufactured in China including the popular, expensive and recognised brands, Evergreen are an up and coming company focused on tyre development and product enhancement, they also provide a tyre life guarantee, click here to view this.

We made our way to Oswestry to have the tyres fitted and made a little outing of it, we did some wild camping and visited beautiful spots, click here for our trip.


Pogo at P&B Tyres

I am pleased with the tyres and recommend Brian at P&B Tyres, fantastic service, great guy, very helpful and knowledgeable.





Ahh, that’s music to my ears!

Wednesday 7th Feb 2018



At last!

Lee from DB Audio came late afternoon yesterday and removed the old radio and replaced it with our “new” one – PURE H260dbi. Very happy with the standard of work and the quality of the radio, we can’t wait use to all the features, CD, DAB/FM/MW, Aux, USB and Bluetooth. The DAB radio require a DAB aerial and this has been attached to the side windscreen and provides a clear and strong signal.





Tuesday 30th January 2018

Organisation day, we compiled a list of companies, people, services, businesses, bank accounts, utilities and everybody else we could think of who we need to inform about our change of address.

Whilst I was sat at my laptop in the conservatory a friendly visitor appeared in the garden.


During our shakedown trips we like listening to music and the radio, but the one in the van doesn’t seem good enough, FM/AM and CD unit only, the reception is poor, the sound quality is not so good either. Sometime in the future we would like to change it for a better unit, I was casually looking through eBay at radios and I saw the exact item we wanted, a PURE Highway H260DBi, it’s DAB, FM, AM, with CD, iPod, iPhone, USB and Bluetooth unused and brand new for £75, the usual retail price is around £129.99. The reviews look good, I sent the advert to Lee at DB Radio who did our reversing camera and hard wired the dash cam to ask his advice and a price for fitting. Lee quoted £60 to fit, quickly back to eBay and purchased the unit and , installation appointment made for next week.



The unit also came with DAB glass aerial worth £19.99, so it has ended up as a good purchase.