Starter battery replaced

It transpires that the starter battery needs replacing, it’s not holding enough charge to start the engine, we did a few tests and yes we need a new one (October 2017).

Go on the PC to source a suitable replacement battery, again we went on the Motorhome Fun forums, lots of advice, tips, prices, technical info and best places to buy.

Popped the bonnet to get the specifications of the old battery, jotted them down and back to the computer to purchase a new starter battery.

Current Battery Info & Dimensions

355mm length

175mm width

190mm height

90 Ah

C.C.A. = 800 (Cold Cranking Amps)

Unusually there wasn’t a date stamp on the battery.

Whilst researching and checking out prices and suppliers I saw a comment about the terminal layout on the battery, urmm what does that mean exactly? A bit more checking and I need the terminal layout to be RH+ (right hand positive).

Ok, this is the right one for us, Varta Silver Dynamic H3 600 402 083. The correct sizes & dimensions, with higher CCA at 830, 100Ah and with RH+ terminal.

I called Battery Megastore to confirm that it’s the correct battery, and their price was £113.95, back on eBay and the exact same battery from Battery Megastore – same company, was only £107.95 including free next day delivery. Saved £6!

varta battery

Fitting a new battery

It took me about 30 mins to fit, how I did it is here on Motorhome Fun

Another job done and I am pleased with myself!



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