12 volt USB & Cigarette Lighter Points & Switch

We decided to fit a 12volt USB point near the dining table so we can we can be plugged in and charging whilst we use our mobile devices, iPads and other equipment.

I bought the parts from eBay and wired this in to the van 12 volt electrics myself including the switch and an in-line 3 amp fuse.


Conveniently there is a 12 volt junction box in the wardrobe, out with the multi meter checked the circuits, etc. I turned the 12 volts off at the control panel, wired the USB and switch together, tested it before fixing them in to the wood panel, it makes sense really.

The reason for turning the 12 volts off is that it prevents me blowing a fuse whilst working on it “live” and if a fuse blows it makes it easier to locate the problem.

It was relatively straightforward, I was a little nervous making holes in the van wood panel, but I just took my time.

The 240 volt socket in the photo was installed by the mobile repairer using CBE parts, it is handy there for our 2 kw electric heater when we are on sites with 240 volt hook up.

(PS  – ensure to use the correct cable flex for this type of circuitry 12 volts, purchased from Auto Electrical Supplies here part no.010723 @ 68 pence per metre)

A few months later I decided to install another 12 volt aux point this time a dual one with a cigarette lighter style and USB.

usb cig

Behind the passenger seat

We needed a 12 volt cigarette lighter charger point that runs off the leisure batteries fed by the roof mounted solar panels for our laptop, our portable Bose speaker and the other 12 volt equipment, we didn’t want to use the cigarette lighter point in the cab as it draws power from the vehicle battery. I mounted it in a discreet position, easy access and close enough not to over stretch the devices charging cables.





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