Alternator problem!

During August 2017 our motorhome went in for the annual MOT, although it passed the tester called me over, we got under the van and he highlighted a potential problem.

Using his torch he pointed upwards and said can you see the alternator up there? yes, well the long bolt holding securing it to the sub frame has worked loose and it’s just hanging on, that’s an accident waiting to happen!

Can you fix it here? No sorry we don’t do that type of work, ok I said. Called Peter at GEP Motors and arranged for it to be repaired there next week, but I didn’t fancy driving the van to be honest.

A week later after the repair we went to collect Pogo, Peter showed me the alternator belts and said we were lucky as they were badly damaged and it was only a matter of time before they snapped off or the alternator fell off.


The bolt has slipped to the right, no nut, dangerous!


I felt better now that this potential problem has been fixed and we can drive with peace of mind, this could have fell off on our journey to Lincoln a few weeks ago and that’s a scary thought, maybe we had a lucky escape!

The repair cost was £119 including VAT, once again great service.

A few days later I popped back to MOT Northwest with a four pack of lager for the Paul the tester, I explained I was grateful to him for discovering the problem, he was surprised and taken aback, well it’s not often customers come back with gifts!

I didn’t know then that I would be back for more repair jobs!


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