Exhaust problem!

During September 2017 I was casually looking around Pogo and spotted a weak rusty exhaust bracket, looks like yet another repair is needed.

Later that day I took the van to the local ATS, about 5 miles away for an inspection and get the bracket replaced before the exhaust fell off. The guy at ATS said the exhaust is unusual because it’s a right hand system that been adapted for the left hand drive vehicle, urm I am not sure about that I thought. Next he said the bracket can’t be purchased separately as it is part of the exhaust system, therefore I need a whole new exhaust system or maybe have it welded, ok I said can you weld it please? Ah, we don’t do welding here, you need to find someone else. Can you recommend anybody, err, no sorry.

Once more we have a problem to sort out, I started ringing around and the MOT station I used last month said they would have a look and if it can be done, give me a quote. Made an appointment for next week, they are too busy this week.

I drove Pogo to the MOT station the following week and they quote me 1-2 hours work to weld and make good, using a knurled bar and some skill, can you bring the van back in 5 days time.

Job done a few days later, the welding is of a high standard and I am pleased with the work undertaken by Dan at MOT Northwest, cost £54 including VAT, I am happy once more!


A neat welding job

It’s great having a local, friendly company nearby that can do jobs like this.





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