Four New Tyres

It’s time for some new motorhome tyres (September 2017).

The reason for wanting a set of new tyres is;

  • the tyres are too old now, date stamped 2009, sailed through the MOT in August though
  • but good tread depth of 7mm all round
  • no M&S (mud & snow) markings or snowflake symbol on the tyre, required for Germany and Austria in winter months
  • confidence i.e. not driving on old tyres

After reading and researching all about tyres I can see why this subject can become a bit confusing and hazy. There is a lot of opinion, reasons, personal preferences, price, quality, braking distance, grip on wet grass, rain, snow, wear ratio and so it goes on.

Whilst reading the forums Brian’s name kept cropping up as the man to ask, he owns a tyre business and is a motorhomer, a perfect combination. I contacted Brian at P&B Tyres through the forum page and we chatted over the phone. During the discussion he listened to me thoughts, he asked all the relevant questions, tyre age, winter markings, weight of the van, spare, size of the tyre. Brian was really helpful, knowledgeable and patient & made me feel at ease,  he suggested I thought about it for a few days and to contact him again if I wanted any further info, there was no hard sell.

Over the next few days I looked at the tyres and specifications that Brian mentioned and in particular the Continental and Evergreen brands. We chatted once more as I still wasn’t sure and I then chose four Evergreen tyres and arranged a fitting date.

  • EW616 Tyre
  • Tyre size 215/75/16R
  • Radial
  • M&S markings with a snowflake symbol
  • 10 ply – other brands were 8 ply
  • 4 new tyres cost £352 including VAT, fitting etc

Brian mentioned that almost 90% of the worlds tyres are manufactured in China including the popular, expensive and recognised brands, Evergreen are an up and coming company focused on tyre development and product enhancement, they also provide a tyre life guarantee, click here to view this.

We made our way to Oswestry to have the tyres fitted and made a little outing of it, we did some wild camping and visited beautiful spots, click here for our trip.


Pogo at P&B Tyres

I am pleased with the tyres and recommend Brian at P&B Tyres, fantastic service, great guy, very helpful and knowledgeable.





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