Whale Water Pressure Switch

We knew there was a problem with the low pressure in the water system, the toilet flush was weak, the kitchen sink taps and shower head flowed slowly.

When the mobile repairer came to fix the list of jobs including the badly wired 240 volt electric socket, the above problems were on the list to remedy (August 2017)

He discovered the micro switch in the shower tap was faulty and has to be replaced, circa £30, whilst we considered what he had told us, he mentioned that if the other tap micro switches fail it will be £30 each time, there are two kitchen and two bathroom taps with micro switches.

Whilst Cathy and I talked about this latest problem, the repairer suggest that we could fit an in-line Whale water pressure switch, the benefit being that even if the other tap micro switches fail later on, the pressure in the water system would remain the same and continue to work as normal.

Well that’s it then, lets fit the in-line pressure switch and eliminate any potential problem further on, how much will it be ? £35 including fitting came the reply, ok please do that then.

The repairer cut the water pipe close to the water pump outlet, amended the wiring and installed the pressure switch.


Whale Water Pressure Switch

In our outing to Oswestry in October 2017, we felt there was a difference but only slightly in the water pressure and flow. It was reassuring though that any potential problems with micro switches will not affect the water system.



Dodgy 240v socket wiring

The habitation report that was done on the motorhome in August 2016 noted that the 240v electric socket didn’t work when tested, so we knew it needed repairing. There were a few other jobs that needed to be done as well so we contacted a local mobile motorhome repairer.


no earth!

The strange thing is that under the worktop there is a factory fitted 240v junction box, this meant it was an easy fix with discreet wiring that can’t be seen.

We are safe now and it’s another job done.


Exhaust problem!

During September 2017 I was casually looking around Pogo and spotted a weak rusty exhaust bracket, looks like yet another repair is needed.

Later that day I took the van to the local ATS, about 5 miles away for an inspection and get the bracket replaced before the exhaust fell off. The guy at ATS said the exhaust is unusual because it’s a right hand system that been adapted for the left hand drive vehicle, urm I am not sure about that I thought. Next he said the bracket can’t be purchased separately as it is part of the exhaust system, therefore I need a whole new exhaust system or maybe have it welded, ok I said can you weld it please? Ah, we don’t do welding here, you need to find someone else. Can you recommend anybody, err, no sorry.

Once more we have a problem to sort out, I started ringing around and the MOT station I used last month said they would have a look and if it can be done, give me a quote. Made an appointment for next week, they are too busy this week.

I drove Pogo to the MOT station the following week and they quote me 1-2 hours work to weld and make good, using a knurled bar and some skill, can you bring the van back in 5 days time.

Job done a few days later, the welding is of a high standard and I am pleased with the work undertaken by Dan at MOT Northwest, cost £54 including VAT, I am happy once more!


A neat welding job

It’s great having a local, friendly company nearby that can do jobs like this.





Alternator problem!

During August 2017 our motorhome went in for the annual MOT, although it passed the tester called me over, we got under the van and he highlighted a potential problem.

Using his torch he pointed upwards and said can you see the alternator up there? yes, well the long bolt holding securing it to the sub frame has worked loose and it’s just hanging on, that’s an accident waiting to happen!

Can you fix it here? No sorry we don’t do that type of work, ok I said. Called Peter at GEP Motors and arranged for it to be repaired there next week, but I didn’t fancy driving the van to be honest.

A week later after the repair we went to collect Pogo, Peter showed me the alternator belts and said we were lucky as they were badly damaged and it was only a matter of time before they snapped off or the alternator fell off.


The bolt has slipped to the right, no nut, dangerous!


I felt better now that this potential problem has been fixed and we can drive with peace of mind, this could have fell off on our journey to Lincoln a few weeks ago and that’s a scary thought, maybe we had a lucky escape!

The repair cost was £119 including VAT, once again great service.

A few days later I popped back to MOT Northwest with a four pack of lager for the Paul the tester, I explained I was grateful to him for discovering the problem, he was surprised and taken aback, well it’s not often customers come back with gifts!

I didn’t know then that I would be back for more repair jobs!


Four New Tyres

It’s time for some new motorhome tyres (September 2017).

The reason for wanting a set of new tyres is;

  • the tyres are too old now, date stamped 2009, sailed through the MOT in August though
  • but good tread depth of 7mm all round
  • no M&S (mud & snow) markings or snowflake symbol on the tyre, required for Germany and Austria in winter months
  • confidence i.e. not driving on old tyres

After reading and researching all about tyres I can see why this subject can become a bit confusing and hazy. There is a lot of opinion, reasons, personal preferences, price, quality, braking distance, grip on wet grass, rain, snow, wear ratio and so it goes on.

Whilst reading the forums Brian’s name kept cropping up as the man to ask, he owns a tyre business and is a motorhomer, a perfect combination. I contacted Brian at P&B Tyres through the forum page and we chatted over the phone. During the discussion he listened to me thoughts, he asked all the relevant questions, tyre age, winter markings, weight of the van, spare, size of the tyre. Brian was really helpful, knowledgeable and patient & made me feel at ease,  he suggested I thought about it for a few days and to contact him again if I wanted any further info, there was no hard sell.

Over the next few days I looked at the tyres and specifications that Brian mentioned and in particular the Continental and Evergreen brands. We chatted once more as I still wasn’t sure and I then chose four Evergreen tyres and arranged a fitting date.

  • EW616 Tyre
  • Tyre size 215/75/16R
  • Radial
  • M&S markings with a snowflake symbol
  • 10 ply – other brands were 8 ply
  • 4 new tyres cost £352 including VAT, fitting etc

Brian mentioned that almost 90% of the worlds tyres are manufactured in China including the popular, expensive and recognised brands, Evergreen are an up and coming company focused on tyre development and product enhancement, they also provide a tyre life guarantee, click here to view this.

We made our way to Oswestry to have the tyres fitted and made a little outing of it, we did some wild camping and visited beautiful spots, click here for our trip.


Pogo at P&B Tyres

I am pleased with the tyres and recommend Brian at P&B Tyres, fantastic service, great guy, very helpful and knowledgeable.