2 out of 3 ain’t bad!

Cathy posting,

It’s been a 4 day mini break here at Camp Slamni, we’ve had a nice little chill out so here is the condensed version.

So it was time for some washing as the camp have massive brand new commercial washers and dryers, our bedding has been on a month so it’s time for a wash and a change over! the machines are huge so may as well get everything in, well that was the plan, 60 kuna €8 or £7 for 2 tokens 1 wash and 1 dry, I had already put the first load in and pressed the wash choices but not put token in when I decided to go back and get some more, came back and put my token in before I had put the extra washing in and in turned on immediately! so I ended up doing 2 washes, I was kicking myself as this now cost me £14! oh well it’s done and all clean now but the plastic 35 litre box we did the first lot in will be getting used in future, we took a walk to the next little town Villa Almar (there’s nothing there) for the ATM as we’ve no cash,  and had a small walk back along the coast to the site, paid our bills at the site restaurant for 2 nights eating and drinking and it was €74 and £65 not bad! BUT we were doing well on our budget of €55 per day until Venice and now it’s gone out of the window, were going to have to claw it back soon! we’ve gone into holiday mode and that’s expensive. Trouble is we can’t free camp in Croatia.


Chilling on our first night in Camp Slamni


This chap and his friends visit us every morning!

On Monday 23rd April we have been gone from home 1 month, by 25th April we had driven 1,831 miles,  we didn’t think we’d be in Croatia yet even though we haven’t driven more than 120 kms on each trip, average about 80 kms every other day or so, we had already decided before we set off that once on Krk island we would relax and that’s what we’ve been doing with coffee in our mugs sat on the gravelly beach at 8am each morning watching the sun on the water and with it warming our backs as we drank, we walked a rough track through pine and sweet-smelling blossoms, saw a French camper who may be wild camping, good luck! It’s illegal here apparently, Dave is loving the sunsets.


Sunset at Camp Slamni


Klimno sunset

Milan the guy from reception has recommended a site in the southern end of Krk island after we mention going to Camping Krk, his suggestion was Jezevac owned by the same company but less touristy he says, we check it out, looks nice but not open until 28th April & we will have gone by then. Slamni has become noisy. We’ve cooked outside on a small camping stove as the hob is not working! Dave has taken it apart for the 2nd time, tightened the spade electrical connections and checked the thermo-coupling visually and got it back together again,  2 work easily now and one we have to pump the valve and hold it forever! But 2 out 3 ain’t bad better than 1, I now wish I had bought a portable electric hotplate recommended by other bloggers so will be sourcing one asap, I also wished I bought a 2 burner outside gas camping stove instead of 1 burner, you live and learn.

We spent a day on the beach ordering moonpig cards for family birthdays and online shopping, the camping free wifi is available on the beach as well, and we’re also listening to music via iPod & Bose speaker whilst we planned our next couple of stops.

feetr (2)

Planning at the beach with sippy cups & flat wine!

We’re chilling on the beach I noticed the gardener strimming the bit of grass on the beach near to the wall in front of Pogo, I thought to myself I hope those stones are not hitting the van, then I heard them, ping, ping, ping, ping, I’ve never moved so fast in my life! I screamed at him but he had goggles and headset on, the stones were flying up hitting me and hitting the van! He stopped momentarily acknowledged the problem but carried on until he finished the last bit!  I was right up to reception and informed the owner who was sympathetic, the gardener no doubt will not do that again! Some small dints and small paint chips on the van, it’s 16 years old, what can we do? we have to let it go.


A little pre-match drink in the evening sun

On 24th April we watched Liverpool vs Roma, semi final 1st leg, we thought Rajko was joining us but when we turned up the barman gave us the keys, the TV is set up in the basement (which is another large restaurant) for you, want any drinks?  we’re finishing now? Ok can we have  ½ litre of local white wine & 2 glasses , he brings the drinks and says goodnight and bring the keys back tomorrow! Dave enjoyed the match on the large TV and at half time I went to the van and brought him some crusty bread, butter and marmite and a large bottle of chilled Moretti, he was a happy bunny especially as Liverpool won 5-2

Wed 25th April, it’s time to move on as we’ve been a little too long in one place and we’re feeling lazy,


That needs a good clean!

The van is covered in fig seeds, looks like black poppy seeds so Dave brushes the awning off and rolls it away, we pay at reception and use the extra-long hosepipe to wash away the seeds and sap which has collected on the windscreen from the trees which have provided us with lovely shade these last 4 days, off we go to Camping Krk, looking forward to seeing the old walled town.


6 thoughts on “2 out of 3 ain’t bad!

  1. I love following you. All that eating and drinking for that amount is excellent. Will look forward to your next stop. I could just sit and watch that sunset each evening. Fabulous xxx keep the pics coming. X


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