How much! – our European tour finances

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We left on 27th March 2018 and we arrived back in the UK on 10th August 2018, a total of 136 days inclusive.

We covered 9,467 kms, our average daily distance driven was 69kms.

136 overnight stops; 89 nights were at paid for locations and we also had 47 nights of free, wild camping.

12 countries visited including France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, then back in to Germany, Netherlands, then back in to Belgium and France as we made our way home.

Below is a summary of our travelling and living costs, but it excludes Pogo’s repairs of €840.45 for fresh water tank submersible pump, front brakes, rear brakes and cab air con.

Also I haven’t included the vehicle MOT, motor-home insurance and our travel insurance costs. However it does include both channel tunnel crossings.

Supermarket food and drink includes alcohol.

We overspent by €11.79 per day, it’s not easy sticking to a budget of €55!

Total spending costs (euro’s) 9,990.58
Less vehicle repairs – brakes 840.85
Net spending costs 9,149.73
The budget for the 136 day tour 7,480.00
Therefore we overspent 1,669.73
Our daily spending was (euro’s) 67.27
Our daily budget was (euro’s) 55.00
Our daily overspending was (euro’s) 12.27

This was our first tour of europe in our motor-home, we’ve had a brilliant adventure, enjoyed fantastic experiences together, we’ve seen many wonderful sights, met super folks along the way, and encountered lots of very helpful people.

As you can see, it wasn’t easy sticking to our budget, this is because it felt like a long adventurous holiday!

We also visited many cities for the first time, and cities tend to be more expensive including public transport, attractions and food, plus when visiting cities we like to stay on a proper campsite or a secure Aire which also increases the cost.

We’re hoping to do better with our budget for our next motor-home trip to Ireland in September, we have already booked our ferry!

Bye for now



2 thoughts on “How much! – our European tour finances

  1. So interesting reading about the costs, and what a fabulous journey you have done. You would never of been able to visit all those places without Pogo. That was some journey you have done. We will look forward to the next chapter and will see you soon. Xxxx


    • Hi Sue, the costs have been useful for us too, when we set the budget we had a rough idea from reading fellow bloggers but we were surprised at how much we would spend on food, having a Motorhome really did enable us to do so much, we’ve no regrets and can’t wait for Ireland now!


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