A lovely cup of tea! Canterbury

Saturday 11th August 2018

Cathy posting,

I’m excited as I wake up in Canterbury today, I’m going to rid myself of the grey stuff sprouting from my scalp! appointment booked for 9.30am the skin patch test was ok as I knew it would be. In the hairdressers called “Stone” I’m offered a lovely cup of tea which comes to me on a white porcelain tray with biscuits, sugar and milk, what a nice touch!

tea tray

I love a good cup of tea!

Meanwhile Dave is upstairs in his temporary “office” using their wi-fi and trying to get our blogs bang up to-date (we always ask for permission first), it’s nice and quiet up there at 9.30am!


Dave’s office for the morning

Afterwards we pop in to Tesco for the longed for teabags and smoked bacon, orange squash for me, lemon for Dave, we’ve missed those too! Back at Pogo its coffee, bacon and eggs for brunch and we did a bit of washing, our bath towels are made of micro material and they need a wash, they are getting a bit pongy, so Dave washes them in a bowl on the tarmac next to Pogo whilst I make the food, when we first started travelling we didn’t like washing in a bowl outside, but once you are in a routine anything goes!

P1090059Just do what everyone else does! don’t worry about what people are thinking as no one cares! especially the French, be more French is our new motto!

P1090052P1090061We set off late afternoon for an over-nighter at a pub, The Robin Hood and Little John just 20 minutes from Potters bar off the A1(M), at Rabley Heath, Welwyn Garden City, (GPS N51.857392, W000.207289)  I’ve called them in advance and we can have dinner and stay in their car park overnight.

P1090066The skylight lid broke a few weeks ago and it’s worked loose again, Dave will fix it later, but it needs a temporary repair, out come the ladders and the fantastic gaffa tape!

P1090065P1090063P1090064The next morning we are en-route to Chesham, where will visit our nephew and his family and meet up with one of my sisters, it’s going to be nice seeing people we know, it’s a strange mixture of sadness that this trip has ended, to us it has gone so quickly but looking forward to seeing all our families whom we have missed.

Cathy x

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