Where did those 90 days go!

25th June 2018

Dave posting,

Well folks, we have been living in Pogo for 90 days, we have covered 6,334 kms and visited 11 countries. Travelling through France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, a quick dash through Slovenia in to Croatia, then we entered Montenegro avoiding Bosnia and we turned northwards through Serbia and Hungary and continued north into Slovakia.

Along the way we have have some great adventures including exhilarating river rafting and riding the longest, highest zip wires, Cathy found her sea legs on the ferries, we’ve met some great people and made new friends.  We have seen the most amazing cities, cathedrals, basilica’s, historic buildings, all types of architecture, castles, fortress’s, informative walking tours, boat trips and enjoyed many different views of the countryside, hills, mountains, gorges, rivers, lakes, forests and plains, we have had a wonderful time.

We were in typical holiday mode in Croatia and we overspent, we felt like we were on holiday for a month with all that hot sun, sea, coastal views and that chill out and enjoy it feeling.

The front and rear brakes have been replaced along with the suspension mounts, plus the fresh water pump has also been replaced.

We have free camped/wild camped for 31 nights without any problems.

Together we have faced a few challenges and problems and here we are to tell the tale.

v2 costs


Here are the numbers if you are interested!

Our budget is €55 per day, so for 90 days = €4,950 (euros)

Spent €6,928.34 in 90 days, including repairs, therefore we have overspent by €1,978.34. This is an average spend of €76.98 per day.

If we exclude the repairs which we hadn’t factored into our budget we are over budget by €1,194.63, having spent €6,144.63, this is an average of €68.27 per day.

Fuel consumption is 27.5 mpg.

Spend in each country per day

*France; 5 days – €92.94

*Belgium; 2 days – €28.75

*Germany; 2 days – €66.51

*Switzerland; 2 days – €21.99

*Italy; 12 days – €89.84

*Slovenia; 1 day – €15.00

*Croatia; 35 days – €88.03 (excluding repairs)

The good news is that our spending has decreased in the last three countries we have visited!

*Montenegro, 9 days, we have spent €497.71 (€55.30 per day)

*Serbia, 11 days, we have spent €599.60 (€54.55 per day)

*Hungary, 8 days, we have spent €401.91 (€50.23)

Hopefully if we carry on reducing our spending we might be back on track in a couple of months!



Costs and budget!

Sunday 13th May 2018

Dave posting,

I have had the red box out folks as it’s budget day.

We crossed the channel 7 weeks ago on 27th March 2018, we have had a great time so far and lots more to come, we have seen some wonderful historic European cities in France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and now we are here in Croatia.

We were on budget until Venice, but once in Venice we didn’t want to miss anything out which is understandable and once we were in Croatia we were faced with a beautiful coast, cafes’ bars, restaurants lining the azure Adriatic, the weather in Croatia has been sublime and it’s difficult not to slip into holiday mode, that means, eating and drinking out more than usual.

You can see from the information we are extremely over budget by €15.98 per day so far, however it is actually improving, at day 30 we were €21.43 per day over budget. Four days in Venice saw our costs double for the 4 days to €105.30 per day with entrance fees, ferries and lots of tasty treats.

Overnight stops 565.35
Supermarket food and drink 699.10
Pogo repairs 0.00
Diesel 369.79
Eating Out 992.19
Supplies/Misc 69.61
Ferries 32.84
Tourist Attractions 315.25
Clothes 28.40
Presents 90.02
Data Comms & Phones 65.59
Tolls 85.79
LPG 66.03
Laundry 19.17
Healthcare 18.22
Public Transport 18.56
Taxi 32.40
Daytime Parking 9.75
Souvenirs 0.00
TOTAL in Euros €3,478.06

49 days spending = €3,478.06

  • budget of €55 per day x 49 days = €2,695
  • total over spent is currently €783.06, which is over spending by €15.98 per day
  • sorry, there’s no pie chart due to WordPress limitations

This is a massive overspend and we have to reign it in, we didn’t realise how difficult it would be to resist the temptation to eat and drink in the sunshine!

Once we are away from the beautiful Croatia coast where we have to pay for camping fees for overnight stops (we have managed to squeeze in 4 free nights even though it is not allowed) so it should improve.