Muranska Planina- Lower Tatras Slovakia

Wednesday 27th June 2018

Cathy posting,

Pogo likes his sleeping spot at Sedliaky Dvor (N48.795629, E019.728582), his fellow travellers are sitting outside munching toast and local honey from Hungary.

We chilled out on camp yesterday as the weather was a bit hit and miss and we are glad we did as our daughter rang us on WhatsApp for a long chat, she has just recently told us we are to be grandparents and were really happy for them and excited for us too!.

It is lovely and cool, the clouds have cleared and the views are heart-warming, we’ve decided to do some writing again this morning as we think we can catch up to date with the blog, Dave’s done a 90 day costs one which he’s published, we have a 2 hour walk planned and after banging my head a couple of days ago my headache has finally gone! So, if the rain stays away it should be a nice day.

Some people have turned up at the camp who will stay free of charge, in return they do odd jobs around the camp, 2 ladies travelling separately are gardening and grass cutting, another guy is doing some DIY work, another is working on a pond & new Eco pool, Dave says he’d quite like to do something similar, they work 9am to 1pm.

We set off uphill from the camp again, this time heading up to the pine forest, passing a few chalet style houses, this is a busy ski area in winter, we come across a house with 4 snarling and barking dogs, 3 of whom are chained up but one is loose, Dave stops to point at something of interest in the garden asking me to come and look, he hasn’t seen the loose dog, I’m outta there pronto, I like dogs and we have had a dog once, but I’m also scared of loud barking.

The pine forests are cool, the pine smell is strong, we come across some guys chopping them down with chainsaws, they down tools and smile at us, patiently waiting for us to pass, we are following a trail ‘’C” eventually we come to a sheep farm which way to turn? We make a decision and it was the right one, dropping down towards Michalova, we eventually came to the road and 2kms later we are at a recommended lunch spot called Fantazia, we thought the name was interesting and when we sat in the beautiful garden we thought it should be called Fantasy as it felt like a little fairies garden.


Fantazia garden

Dave ordered garlic cream soup which came in a huge bread roll bowl, he made light work of it and then surprised me by eating the bread bowl! It was huge, forgot to get a picture. We sat a while and then it started to rain heavily, the campsite owner says to call him if you need a lift back anytime but we decided to walk back on the road now, that was a big mistake, to start with there was a path but it eventually petered out and now we were walking on a busy road with metal barriers at the edge lorries full of pine logs and buses thundering past at speeds higher than the limit, the spray drenching us and we had to hold on to our caps!, it took an hour to walk the road, back through the forest would have been 2 hours, we know now which one we should have done, walked 17kms in total.


Eco pond being built with Pogo behind

They are building an eco pond on the camp, part swimming and part reeds & flowers, it should be nice when its finished



washing eating and prep areas



The owners house which houses a campers kitchen

Hot showers to warm us up and there’s a big pan of chunky minestrone on the hob. More footy, Germany V Korea.

Bye for now

Cathy x

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