The hills are alive – Slovakia

Monday 25th June 2018

Cathy posting,

We woke to bright sunshine but a nice reasonable temperature at Sedliaky Dvor campsite, fresh bread delivered to camp this morning so it’s a bacon and egg butty before we set off for our walk, lovely sunny day with decent breeze just how we like it, there is rain coming later today though so off we set hoping to miss it, from the book on camp we chose a 3-4 hour route, walking directly from Pogo we climbed a pretty steep hill which I found hard going as I had a dull headache having banged my head the night before, I’d reached out sharply from the bed over our cab to turn the light out and nearly knocked my own lights out! It hurt really bad and the top of my head is so sore, I took some tablets so hopefully it will ease off.



Will we escape the rain?

Reaching the crest of the hill we were rewarded with a view that brought a smile to my face, looking far across the valley into the Lower Tatras mountains, we had to sit for 15 minutes though because I felt dizzy, that’s not like me, am I concussed?


Onwards towards another crest and then a nice gentle saddle before a slow descent, the big dark clouds are looming behind and following more quickly than we were moving, I could smell the rain in the air before we felt a few big blobs hit our heads so we took cover under a big tree with big umbrella-shaped weeping branches, noting as we did that there was no thunder or lightening or I wouldn’t have stood under it, thunderstorms scare me, they always have and my kids laugh when I duck and dive! Still under the tree after 20 minutes ‘’I can see a clear spot over there’’ I mutter to Dave ‘’don’t be daft he says the rains will be there before you’’ with that I’m off legging it into the sun Julie Andrews style with my arms in the air! Dave begrudgingly follows and unfortunately the Hills are not alive with the sound of music, but my escape plan worked, no more rain on us but behind I could see our umbrella tree was still being drenched.


Dave tried to get a landscape photo

It really was a lovely walk green and orange patchwork meadows mingle with large pine forested areas, we stopped for coffee near the railway and got back just in time before the next downpour.


The rain clouds chasing us!

After hot showers, the best we’ve had on any site yet, these are huge roomy affairs with lots of hooks, the measure of a good shower in my opinion is do I have to press the button for water every 15 seconds? Is there at least one hook? And does it drain properly? This shower gets 5 stars, continuous hot water and 4 hooks! Plus, a bench for a Brucie bonus, I’ve had showers where the cubicle is the width of your body, other body sizes are available! Haha! Which means leaving your clothes and towel outside and I have had to adapt to my European neighbours let it all hang bravado hoping I don’t fall flat on my face before grabbing a towel, hope you’re not eating your dinner if I’ve created an image for you heehee!


A Pied Wagtail Dave thinks

We spent the rest of the day blogging and watching the Russia V Uruguay game and Portugal V Iran and enjoying helping ourselves to the €1 chilled beer and wine.

Dave thinks he may have figured out what’s going wrong with the mi-fi usage, we had not turned the laptop to manual updates for wWindows 10 and it’s a hungry beast!  he’s done this now but to be sure he has also set the mi-fi to metered connections this means that windows will not update on a metered connection. He sorted that out and then Tesco O2 say he can’t use any more data because of their fair usage policy abroad on his home package, he can only use it for 2 months, we’ve been away a bit longer than that but had to buy a SIM in Montenegro as the home policy wasn’t covering that, he didn’t realise the clause was there?! I’m with O2 direct and I don’t have this clause, Tesco say that they will charge 59 pence per MB after the next 14 days, no way José! he’s really fed up now.

We’ve stayed up too late again silly sods!

Good night

Cathy x

2 thoughts on “The hills are alive – Slovakia

  1. I’m following your adventure with great interest, I drove over the Tatra mountains a few days ago and it’s truly gorgeous, but the roads stunk. I’m in Krakow now, and this is my third day here it has been raining cats and dogs so I felt quite content with staying in one place. Yesterday I went into the city to explore, and there sure is a lot to see.
    Have a great continuing trip


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