Lost in the woods and Belgian Beer- Slovakia

Thursday 28th June 201813232

Cathy posting,

Next morning after poached eggs on toast laid by the chickens who roam the site we’re considering driving to Hronsek near Banska Bystrica to see a wooden medieval church built without any nails or indeed any metal at all, it had to be constructed from wood only and is said to be amazing, we would need to go in Pogo and it’s 65 kms back the way we came but Patrick & Erna from Belgium suggest we go on a walk together and we fancy that instead, the weather starts to look at bit squiffy so we go in his car to Fantazia for the menu de jour for €3.90, we’ll walk afterwards, he’s plotted a route on GPS.


freshest eggs on toast you can get

The lunch at Fantazia was chicken broth noodle soup, pork escalope’s in vegetable sauce with red cabbage and rice, it was delicious, we had one drink each and the bill was cheap at €21.90 for four of us! Off we set on the walk, we had to take a detour as we couldn’t walk through a farm but the heavily pregnant farmer showed us where to take the trail, up, up and up we went into the woods, reaching 760 m elevation, we had climbed 200 metres but unfortunately we had to walk back down as the way became too steep and very boggy, maybe we should have stuck to a known trail but all in all it was a lovely day, we were invited back to Patrick and Ernas’ caravan, we sat in their awning enjoying some lovely Belgium beer and some spicy sausage and pickled Gherkins.


cute shed on camp

We had stopped on the way back from the walk to order pizza for this evenings England game against Belgium, meeting up at the bar/lounge later and looking forwards to some banter Dave gets his England flag out and pins it on the wall, the pizza came just before kick off and 3 large ones for €13 was a brilliant price, boy are we ripped off in the UK!. The match however was boring as no-one needs to win as we’ve both qualified already so we joined in with the 4 other Belgium supporters as we’ll be better of if Belgium win as we may get into a weaker group and the team stay put in Moscow.


come on Belgium lol!

We lost 1-0 to Belgium

Good night

Cathy x

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