Getting lucky at the Bosnian Border- River Tara

Monday 28th May 2018

Cathy Posting,

Up bright and early and Dave is working on a bolt in the bed mechanism from outside the van when the lady from the restaurant catches his eye and with a bit of sign language she shows him that she wants his ladders , he holds them for her whilst she climbs up, she goes to the top of the A frame he indicates to come down a step but no up she goes holding onto a weak branch which he hears cracking, she’s wobbling and wavering a bucket over her elbow, the tastiest cherry’s are the ones you can’t reach it would seem, she must have been 65 or more, I watched from Pogo and was convinced she would fall, she comes over later to give me some of her bounty and she wasn’t taking no for an answer, camp evergreen man arrives and we pay him the €10 it was worth it for the cherry tree voyeurism alone, we sign his little book of visitors.


view from Kamp Evergreen

We set off now on our northbound journey to Tara river at Scepan Polje this is where Montenegro meets the Bosnian border, we hope we can white water raft there, this drive took us through many, many tunnels, the insides of which were mainly unlit and the walls surrounding them were natural very uneven rock, the insides unformed by concrete panels or arches seeming as if they could crumble onto their inhabitants, drips appearing onto the windscreen as if it were raining inside.


three tunnels of many

Before we know it we’ve reached what looks like the border control but it’s deserted, Dave doesn’t want to go any further even though it’s obviously not in use and unmanned, this means that the border control must be just metres away, we don’t have insurance for Bosnaia or Herzvergonia , it can be bought at some border crossings but we don’t think this is one of them, persuading Dave to drive further as we can always turn around he goes on for a couple of kms and we spot the border, turning off to the left at a parking space with a restaurant, bar and a big group of bikers.

Parking up we go into the bar/restaurant to investigate if we can raft nearby? She tells us to take a seat and she will make a phone call, we are presented with an amazing view down to the Tara River , there we can see the border control on the other side of the river, it seems the river itself is the actual border, we are in Montenegro and the other side of the river is Bosnia, the restaurant lady passes me the phone and we arrange a package for tomorrow morning €45 for breakfast, 2 hours rafting with a beer stop and lunch afterwards.


The river is the border for Montenegro Bosnia

We have a drink and admire the view, watching people come back from rafting, some guys jumping into the river from the border bridge, it must have been 10 metres high!

Plans made we ask if there is a camp anywhere? Yes she says, here in our field €10 per night no electric, that was easy! Sometimes we just drop onto things no plan it seems is the best plan sometimes.




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