One more swim

Sunday 20th May 2018

Cathy posting,

We will leave Prapratno Camping near Ston today but not before we take a swim on that lovely sandy beach, we made coffee and took it in some takeaway cups and with our chairs down to the beach, the water here is shallow, no stones at all just lovely soft sand and what a pleasure it was and also surprisingly warmer than other beaches have been. The rugged mountain range bearing down on the aqua bay, we left Ston without really seeing any of the history or walking the walls, we paid €14, £12.50 per night, good value we though, we said goodbye to Friedl and Charles and we hope to see them in Vienna in the future or on the road, you never know? Dave puts the coordinates in to Sat Naff for our journey to Dubrovnik, we’ve chosen Camping Kate which is 10kms at Mlini further on a bit from Dubrovnik but with a bus into the city, it’s a steady journey and the views are superb, and we didn’t think they could get any better.
The coast and the impressive grey, green rocky mountains continue to surprise us, it’s so high and steep the houses below seemingly clinging on like limpets, cars parked at such angles you wonder how they don’t roll, we crossed a modern tall bridge just before entering Dubrovnik.


View of Dubrovnik old city from the road on the way to Camping Kate

On arrival at the camp we are even more impressed with the price 107kuna, €14 or £12 “for a city site” without EHU (electric hook up) and with ACSI discount, the Wi-Fi is a bit intermittent and we manage to get a blog done before heading down the 200 steps into Mlini, luckily it was mostly in the shade.


A Mini in a motorhome!

Mlini previously known as Molina (meaning mills) was a small fishing settlement located 10 kms south of Dubrovnik, the village got its name from the abundant springs used for milling wheat, in the 15th Century water was taken by boat to Dubrovnik, it’s now a nice resort of busy coastline, usual collection of bars and restaurants, we notice however that we are now seeing large hotels such as the Sheraton and the Hilton set back away from the promenade, we haven’t seen anything like them on the 700 kms journey along the Croatian coastline.


You can dine in the boat! at Marinero restaurant

It was time for a coffee so we stopped at a little café, a Dutch guy on the site had recommended a fish restaurant with a view so we found Marinero about 6pm and had a fish platter for 2, mussels to start (no beards here!) then a silver platter arrived which they served over two little candles on a rack, it consisted of red scorpion, shrimps, mussels, sea bass, potatoes, pak choi washed down with local chilled white wine and a cold bottle of water, this was 395kn £46 €53 but we’ve not eaten since the coffee on the beach this morning so we convince ourselves that’s it’s ok! Dave thoroughly enjoyed it, we both love fish and seafood and he remarked it was the best he’d ever had.


Fruit fermenting to make a local liquer at Marinero restaurant


Fish platter for two

We take a slow walk back up the 200 steps back up to camp it’s not so bad as its cooled down a bit, time to do some research on the laptop when we get back, we need a road map as ours is too small and old and I can’t read it even with my reading glasses on! we make a list of “jobs to do” we need to get organised we’re really lazy at the moment, it’s a case of well we need to but we don’t have to, this non working and travelling is allowing us to be a tad complacent, but I’m not sure that I care, haha!

Tomorrow we will visit Dubrovnik.

Cathy x x

3 thoughts on “One more swim

  1. mini in a motorhome – impressive. Next one for Dave?

    The fish platter looked amazing as did the little boat that is clearly miles from the sea and enjoying retirement as a table and chairs in the restaurant.


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