What no sunrise today!

Wednesday 9th May 2018

Dave posting,

Buzz, buzz, buzz goes the alarm at 5.30am for the sunrise, we don’t mind getting up early when it’s not for work! Sorry to any working folks! it’s a little cloudy but otherwise we wait with anticipation over a morning coffee, we wait, we wait and we wait, there’s no sun rise yet it’s 6.45am, now it’s 7.15 and now it’s 8.30, the sun has decided it can’t fight its way through the clouds this morning! Never mind we are wide awake now and we think we can hear thunder in the distance rolling towards us, the rain starts to fall about 15 mins later but now it’s very cool after all the humidity over the last few days.

It’s time to move on and we talk about where to go as a general idea for the next two months, it’s so good deciding where to go and when, enjoying the freedom that the open road brings us.

Let’s head to Dubrovnik after visiting Hvar island, ok and we take the coastal road to Drvenik for the shortest car ferry to Hvar island, Cathy doesn’t fancy a 2-hour ferry from Split to Hvar. Although it was overcast the scenery on the drive was really good, the road hugs the coast line twisting in and out of the many coves and bays, each peninsula giving us eye catching glimpses of life by the Adriatic. We could only imagine what it would look like in sunny weather.

Bought diesel at 9.41kn per litre (€1.11) on the way to Drvenik as well as calling at a supermarket for more supplies. We need to stop for lunch, but before we know it we are at the ferry terminal, well it’s a very small village where the ferry docks with narrow roads leading off the main road.

I drive to the ferry queue to suss it out and we see a long queue of vehicles waiting and there’s a chance we might not get on the next sailing, we go around the block and park in the village car park for lunch. Later I walk down to the ticket office for prices and timetable, when I get back I confess that I am tired, and we decide to stay nearby overnight and rest due to the early start we had this morning.

Chose Camping Viter 5km away and maybe we will catch a ferry tomorrow. Pitched up and we head down to the beach for a bit of last minute sunbathing and reading a book, the stones are really sharp on our feet!


I took this photo of the bird on its nest through our van window, we are close to nature here!


It’s an early night after dinner and Cathy makes a superb tea! Poached chicken in white wine with shallots, crispy pancetta & fondant potatoes with griddled asparagus, no mince here dad!


Hvar island tomorrow and we can’t wait.


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