Attack of the bitey things!

Wednesday 2nd May 2018

Cathy posting,

We are still parked in Camp Rozac, Ciovo

Over a breakfast of muesli and banana Dave suggests we go back to Starigrad for my hat, he says we will not find another like it, all the hats here are the same as each other, you’ll never find one like it again, you will be forever looking in every hat shop for the next 2 months! I can tell that he’s stressed at the very thought but driving 2 hours back is not a problem he says, I’ve rang the campsite and the beloved hat is there! I left it in the bar, I’m so happy! however we are going into Trogir this morning hopefully I’ll find one suitable and we won’t have to go back, first stop is the pharmacy, Dave’s itchy spots and bites are driving him mad! He’s never been afflicted before, well not this way, hahaha!


Trogir promenade looking at the fortress

We get some Citronella essential oil spray and some calming gel then it’s off to the castle/fortress, it was built in 1420 and was once connected to the city walls it’s very decrepit with acrow props holding up one archway, Dave said they weren’t positioned properly with no blocks or sole boards underneath (his health and safety head kicked in), we didn’t actually feel safe walking around it either it literally looked like it might fall down there was nothing to see inside but a good view from the top, to be honest I felt obliged to look at it but wished I hadn’t, we are seeing so much of interest that one is becoming Blasé.


Fort Kamerlengo


Croatians love sport, football pitch squeezed in between the old town buildings and the marina

Dave spotted the markets behind the old streets on the waterside so off we go hat hunting once again! I found one which was suitable but it’s not the same, brim is too big, I tried on about 20 hats in various shops and bought one – 95KN or £12 later, the lost hat was £9, Dave is trying to find a Stetson style hat, but he hasn’t found one he likes yet, his ears get in the way of all the ones he’s tried!


We stop at the water’s edge and try a lemon Radler, it was like a shandy with a lemon flavour, 2% alcohol level, very refreshing in this heat. Wandering back through the lovely old streets we decide we’ve seen enough of Trogir and Dave suggests we go back for my hat, it’s 2 hours away back in the other direction, but we can go to Zadar a town which we had looked at stopping at but missed, from there we can go to Krka National Park then head back this way again for our journey to Split so it won’t be a wasted journey.


The beach at camping Rozac is not as rocky to walk into as other beaches have been and the water is crystal clear, it’s boiling hot today so we go for a swim , Dave hates cold water but he gets in tentatively and we both loved that swim, noting that this water was much warmer than that at Camp Slamni on Krk island then we dry off in the sun before getting ready for tea, this time it’s a lentil, red pepper and potato casserole in the Mr D cookpot, it’ll make enough for 2 days, the budget is improving !

Tonight is the 2nd leg of the Roma v LFC and Dave wants to try and find a bar so he can watch it, the pizza bar on the site informs us that there are numerous new cafe bars if we turn right out of the camp we will see a regeneration of the water front, so off we go and there is a lovely place with the footy on, happy days


Dave watching the game

They sell the Grasivena wine which we like, we’re going to facetime our son in Toronto at half time, he’s also an LFC fan but his local time is 6 hours behind us here in Croatia. The result was 4-2, 7-6 on aggregate so Dave is happy, too happy I think as he orders a double Malibu on ice (his favourite) what about that budget? hmmmm.


4 thoughts on “Attack of the bitey things!

  1. Wow. Amazing journey xx. Sat on the M5 in a traffic jam !! Heading home from Cornwall xx. Glad you found your hat. Keep writing it’s great reading xxx.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading Kath, it’s an amazing trip , we are really having a great time, hope that M5 journey improves, but looks like you’ve had great weather for Cornwall, hope your sis is well too .


  2. Dave looks like he’s the only one watching. Glad he found a tv.

    Please please pictures of the hats (once purchased), your efforts to fibd a replacement are like a mini soap opera 😁


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