Somme bay sunrise and a Normandy sunset – France

Monday 30th July 2018

Cathy posting,

I was wide awake at 5.20am this morning and could see the light peeping through the open blind, Dave woke too and was out of bed in a jiffy when I suggested we go to the beach to see the sunrise, once on the beach we decided we needed to walk further down to the village, we were a bit early! Watching the locals going on to the salty grassy low sand dunes to gather some sort of crustaceans, we had a bench to ourselves, no sound apart from the noisy seagulls swooping down to the sand flats as the waters slowly came back in through little channels and gulleys leading from the Marina, it was a lovely moment and a lovely sunrise, the dawning of the day bringing with it hope and wishes for much more of this life.



As we were up so early we head off at 9.a.m for Le Treport again southwards on the Normandy border in the Seine Maritime area, and I’ve chosen a cliff top location, it’s an Aire €6.40 without electric, filled up with fresh water for €2 and a nice Frenchman lent Dave his water adaptor as we don’t have a French one, we have two others but not this one.


For smaller tap fittings the grey Hozelock adaptor connects to the yellow connector


Standard yellow Hozelock garden hosepipe connector and grey adaptor


Dave needs to buy one of these! Hozelock Double Male Connector

We are pleasantly surprised by the location (GPS N50.05832,E001.36433) and the amazing views from just over the little road in front of us, looking like the white cliffs of Dover only the water is more blue.


In order to get down in to the town of Le Treport from the cliff we have 2 choices, get on to the free funicular or walk down 327 steps, we opt for the latter as we fancy the walk, the views over Le Treport houses once mostly owned and lived in by fisherman is all grey slate roofs and subdued colours against the backdrop of the beach, Dave loved the view.

P1080516Tourist info was our first port of call to get a map and advice for a walk tomorrow along the cliff path, we’re dripping with sweat and so is the guy helping us, he says this weather is not normal! Well it’s not for us that we know, we walked around the town for an hour, its little quiet back street with clothes shops and cafes, it’s not as busy as expected but maybe that’s because all the shops are shut on Monday, I’m looking for a hairdresser as my grey roots are showing quite badly, but no joy. Along to the end of the pier at the lighthouse and watch some guys fishing from the high wall, their lines extremely long.

We got the funicular back to the top of the cliff, It’s extremely efficient runs until 12.45am and its free! Well done Le Treport!

P1080546We sat in the sun and got chatting to a couple from Scotland and Bristol, who have spent 8 months in Portugal and are their way home, we invited them to have a beer with us and had a good old chat before we headed back down to the beach to watch the sunset and see where the cliffs are lit up at night-time, we ordered some French fries from a beach café and unfortunately they were terrible again! What is it with the French and French fries? we’ve only had good ones with our mussels so maybe just don’t buy them from takeaway places? we will not be doing so again.

We decided to sit on the bench on the cliff top with a night-cap and enjoy the peace and quiet of the evening, we had witnessed the dawning and setting of the day and what could be better.

Good night

Cathy x

3 thoughts on “Somme bay sunrise and a Normandy sunset – France

  1. Hi. You mention water adapters in your blog. We are making our first trip to France in a campervan and would be really grateful for any advice you can give about buying these adaptors. Which ones will we need? 😁


    • Hi Andrea, I use a standard yellow Hozelock garden hosepipe connector and a smaller grey adaptor also from Hozelock for smaller tap fittings, I haven’t got the Double Male Connector, I need to buy one, they are about £3. By the way I’ve used both my yellow and grey ones in France, it’s just pot luck ! By the way I use my 10 litre watering can to top up fresh water when I can’t be bothered to move the van to the water tap! Good luck with your travels in a few weeks time, I hope this helps. Dave


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