Snowing in summer at the High Tatras – Slovakia

Sunday 1st July 2018

Cathy posting,

The high winds of yesterday have subsided and Pogo the motorhome is still parked at the terraced car park of Tatranska Lomnica, Vysoke Tatra (GPS N49.167397, E20.271238). We are going to buy tickets for the cable ride up to Lomnicky Stit, but first we make use of the free wi-fi over our usual breakfast of muesli fruit and yoghurt. Winter clothes are hunted out of the cupboard, blimey only a few weeks ago we were in swimming costumes in Croatia.

At the ticket office we discover there are 3 cable cars to get to the peak at 2,634 metres of Lomnicky Stit, the ticket is €49 each with a €2 deposit for the card. The last cable car is on a timed system and we get 2.20pm, off we go to the 1st car, a typical ski lift and a simple ride up and then another to Skalnate Pleso.


some sort of terminator!


David Stoddern is this you!!! looks like your style lol!



waiting for the big one


Skalnate Pleso at 1,751 metres

Here we will wait until 2.20pm for the final ascent, it’s a nice spot for families too.


walking the ski trail

We have a wander around the various trails for an hour and half taking photos and although we’re hungry and thirsty we want to have a coffee at the very top, so we wait, we walked along a ski trail it’s very rocky and it feels strange knowing that just a matter of weeks ago people were skiing on this path, the snow makers indicating the route, watching the 15-person cable car which is our final ascent to the summit as it disappears in to the clouds and seems almost vertical from our view-point which is 1,751 metres at Skalnate Pleso.


Dave on the ski trail


can you spot the red cable car?


Finally, we make our way into the car, squashed in and the ascent was indeed almost vertical at the end, hopping out with nervous anticipation we climb some steps inside a building and eventually came through a very smart café, bar and outside, it’s a whiteout! But so bright, there’s a small walkway around the building to some viewpoints, one hangs out over the summit, it’s a good job we can’t see much as I don’t think Dave would have stood there with me! The clouds are moving so fast and now and then there’s a break and we can see some of the view but by the time your camera is pointed its gone again, Dave managed to get a couple of shots. We are glad we donned our winter gear its freezing so into the café bar and coffees ordered, we are recommended a local liqueur called Lit Tatratea, it’s 52% alcohol and served in a tiny glass, we shared one and it was lovely and warm going down.





the mountain was only just visible below us but we know how high we are!



The clouds cleared at the summit for literally 2 seconds!



the descent from Lomniky Stit

P1070565You get 50 minutes at the top and your number is called over the tannoy for your descent, the clouds cleared after a minute and we were treated to awesome views looking into the far distance at the Lower Tatras of a few days ago, the landscape between the Lower and Higher being like a patchwork rug. Back on terra ferma and I treat myself to some sheepskin booties for winter, I might wear them tonight its chilly enough up here! freezing me little cotton socks off ! we also bought 6 garlic and potato cakes to go with the left-over Mr D veggie pot from last night.

Good night,

Cathy x

5 thoughts on “Snowing in summer at the High Tatras – Slovakia

  1. Absolutely brilliant! It’s so funny to see you in your woolies when you were melting a couple of weeks ago!

    Shouldn’t moan, but it’s too hot here, I would love to be in the snow…. want to swap? Haha xxx


  2. That’s fabulous. Can’t believe the snow. Makes a change us being hotter at the mo. Fantastic travels and memories . Pictures are really good. Take care xxx


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