There is no heatwave here! Calais-France

Thursday 9th August 2018

Cathy posting,

We are still at the private aire and today we can’t decide what to do?  Tomorrow we are booked on the tunnel crossing from Calais to Folkestone at 7.50am French time, do we stay here? It’s pouring with rain, it costs €6 to stay and it’s free to empty waste, it’s only about a 30 mins drive but when we check Fridays weather it looks terrible, with 45mph gusts. We decide that we should move to Calais Citie Europe Aire at Calais which is free and has the advantage of being a massive shopping complex including a Carrefour, we want to stock up on cheap beer and wines, it will save so much money for our home budget but also for us to take to Ireland in a month or so time.

The 4G signal was good so we blogged and researched ferries for Ireland and stayed until 3pm. This private aire is completely empty this morning apart from us, yesterday there were 25 motorhomes here, did we miss a bargain on the crossing?

Eventually a decision is made, and we are off to Citie Europe – a straight forward drive and we parked up easily, it’s a huge car park (GPS N50.932779, E001.812194) next to Toys R Us, floodlit, overlooked by the police station, good news! and with high fences, there is no barrier though and you come and go as you please.

P1080956It is chucking it down, so we stayed in Pogo, had something to eat and drink, relaxed and we eventually headed over to Carrefour at 6pm, 200 metres walk, we stocked up on beer and wine spending €90, also there is a hairdresser’s inside and I go in, no appointment needed, yes they can do my hair but no colours after 6pm, flipping heck! I could have come over a couple of hours ago, the first two times I had my hair done in Croatia and Belgrade had been so easy.

Early night for us after trying a bit of the €3 per 1.5 litre wine, not too bad and left-over chilli, which always good, can’t beat a two-day old chilli! Dessert was raspberries, crème fraiche and honey, absolutely delicious, well it was for me! Dave found this in alive and crawling his dish!


Sorry if you are eating whilst reading this!

Our alarm was set for the first time in months, it feels weird, I hope we don’t sleep in!

Good night

Cathy x

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