Another Mozzie fest and a working farm Northern France

Tuesday 7th August 2018

Cathy posting,

We were up last night in Stella Plage at 3.30am mozzie hunting, I heard the bitey thing through my silicone earplugs, its pneumatic shrill sounding like a dentist drill and I felt its needle like mouth pierce my skin as it satiates its desire for my blood, apparently, they like type O blood well they get Hobsons choice as mine is A positive! Mosquito is Spanish for ‘’little fly’’ well I’ve renamed it English for ‘’bastard bitey thing!’’

We found the culprit after 20 mins and swatted it leaving a trail of our blood from its innards yuk!!  we slept until 7.30am the sun peeping through the blinds which were part open with mozzie nets drawn.

We’re heading for a private Aire just 24 kms from the tunnel and we have 40 kms drive to get there, shopped at an Lidl on the way but there was a height barrier at 2.5m, never seen that before on a LIDL, plans to stock up Pogos cupboards with cheap alcohol scuppered we search Sat Nav for a Carrefour at Marquise, it doesn’t meet our budget for alcohol apart from a red and a rose in 1.5 litre plastic bottles at €3.10 so 2 each of those in case they’re horrible.


someone’s happy – Lol!

The private Aire Ferme De L’Horloge near Tardinghen (GPS N50.86280, E001.64907) it’s a working farm and there are huge bays overlooking the British coast and the white cliffs of Dover can clearly be seen, there is parking behind the barn with views of the valleys if you need electric, but we don’t so get a prime bay looking over to Blighty with picnic bench included.


Views of the white cliffs, it’s amazing to see them from here!

P1080859Dave says he’s cooking tonight, I’m not arguing with that! But he does offer when there’s easy stuff on offer, however the sausage and egg sandwiches on toasted ciabatta were delicious, HP brown sauce to add to the pleasure, we sit outside Pogo to enjoy the views of the British coast and not long after a huge gust comes from literally nowhere, then another and another, Daves’ glass blew over as it was empty but he soon sorted that out hic !!  Dave thinks the awning is nearly taking off even with his new straps, so he cleared the tables and chairs away and we head back into the security of Pogo, I get washing up duties as apparently, he cooked huh!

Good night

Cathy x

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