What a show! And 2 soups

4th June 2018

Cathy posting,

We are still at Camping Zlatibor, and we take a stroll into Zlatibor even though it’s threatening rain and storm, fingers crossed it will hold off, we need some groceries so back pack on.Zlatibor is like Blackpool in the Alps, full of children, market stalls, fairground rides, zip-lining adventure park and a boating lake, we shared a make your own flatbread, salad, a sort of burger patty with garlic sauce for breakfast! 2 coffees and sat on a bench to enjoy it, I bought a cool sleeveless dress from a market trader €15, as some of my clothes are too hot for this weather. Groceries bought and we’re walking back when the heavens open! Not again, I’m not getting soaked this time so we dive into a bar and have two lemonades just like a citron presse ,delicious.


The lightning strikes start and the thunder, the staff scurrying about bringing all the cushions inside, tipping the parasols over and tilting the chairs at an angle, the roof canopy is drawn back so it doesn’t collect too much water and collapse, this is a well honed drill it seems, the storm carries on for half an hour, so we order 2 soups, he doesn’t understand & I am reminded of the TV sketch with Julie Walters and Celia Imrie.

It’s one of my favourites and when I repeat slowly 2 soups please it takes all of my self-control not to laugh, well I’d spoke too soon, the soup took an hour to arrive and he nearly spilt it as he approached the table!

Back at Pogo we are chilling and laughing after getting back just in time before another downpour, suddenly the storm starts up again, Dave & I literally jump out of skins when we hear a noise so loud, we look out of the window and see a fireball in the distance down the hill and then steam or smoke? We couldn’t resist taking a look, so armed with flip-flops and umbrella we wander over to the edge of the camp through huge puddles to look downhill, the glow and steam have disappeared? Did we imagine it? Peter from New Zealand comes over to see if the 240 electrics are working? No, ours has gone off too, he’s joined by Margaret and we have a pleasant hour in Pogo discussing previous adventures and ongoing plans, it’s really nice finding out what other people have done, these guys have really done it! It gives inspiration for the future and makes us feel just a little bit braver too.

Good night,

Cathy x

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