Costs and budget!

Sunday 13th May 2018

Dave posting,

I have had the red box out folks as it’s budget day.

We crossed the channel 7 weeks ago on 27th March 2018, we have had a great time so far and lots more to come, we have seen some wonderful historic European cities in France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and now we are here in Croatia.

We were on budget until Venice, but once in Venice we didn’t want to miss anything out which is understandable and once we were in Croatia we were faced with a beautiful coast, cafes’ bars, restaurants lining the azure Adriatic, the weather in Croatia has been sublime and it’s difficult not to slip into holiday mode, that means, eating and drinking out more than usual.

You can see from the information we are extremely over budget by €15.98 per day so far, however it is actually improving, at day 30 we were €21.43 per day over budget. Four days in Venice saw our costs double for the 4 days to €105.30 per day with entrance fees, ferries and lots of tasty treats.

Overnight stops 565.35
Supermarket food and drink 699.10
Pogo repairs 0.00
Diesel 369.79
Eating Out 992.19
Supplies/Misc 69.61
Ferries 32.84
Tourist Attractions 315.25
Clothes 28.40
Presents 90.02
Data Comms & Phones 65.59
Tolls 85.79
LPG 66.03
Laundry 19.17
Healthcare 18.22
Public Transport 18.56
Taxi 32.40
Daytime Parking 9.75
Souvenirs 0.00
TOTAL in Euros €3,478.06

49 days spending = €3,478.06

  • budget of €55 per day x 49 days = €2,695
  • total over spent is currently €783.06, which is over spending by €15.98 per day
  • sorry, there’s no pie chart due to WordPress limitations

This is a massive overspend and we have to reign it in, we didn’t realise how difficult it would be to resist the temptation to eat and drink in the sunshine!

Once we are away from the beautiful Croatia coast where we have to pay for camping fees for overnight stops (we have managed to squeeze in 4 free nights even though it is not allowed) so it should improve.


Zadar and a Hitchcock sunset

Friday 4th May 2018

We are still in the free car park just 10 mins walk in to Zadar, on the Dalmation coast. I found on my research for Zadar that there is a free walking tour (tips normally given) we have done many of these in the past especially in cities in the UK & Europe and the amount of info and humour is normally of a good standard and you see things that normally would go unnoticed. I tell Dave it’s at 5 Wells Square (because it’s got 5 wells) and whilst I’m getting ready would he mind if he gets the map on google maps and walking route, yes folks you know where this is going don’t you, he got the location of the company or the guys address instead of the meeting point, we walked for 20 mins in the opposite direction and it was hot! This is the 2nd occasion this has happened & I’m grumpy! The tour starts at 10am and its now, yes, 10am and we’re now 15 mins walk to the square, so off we go again.

We’d walked through the park and through one of the Venetian gates called Kopnena Vrata, Zadar is full of Roman and Venetian ruins with a 12th century St. Anastasia Cathedral, 5 Wells Square was a beautiful but small place, we had 1 ¾ hours to spare  until the next walking tour at 12pm, so we sat and had a couple of coffees macchiato veliki which are lovely and strong just how we like them, we also like the ice cold glass of water which we have been given in most places with our coffees. We sat, and people watched until noon.


5 Wells Square, small and beautiful.


Typical old Croatian house


Typical Croatian washing line!

There are lots of tourists from Japan & China and they are always in large groups and they love, love, love a selfie and we love watching them as they are always excited about anything and I mean anything!

We spotted Eduardo the guide with the yellow umbrella and introduced ourselves, it’ll be just us two by the look of things, he also tells us he overslept, and he didn’t turn up for the 10am tour, Dave looks relieved!

The tour was very informative, he explained that once Zadar was the capital city and is the oldest continually inhabited Croatian city since 9th Century. It’s been controlled by the Croatians, Romans, Venetians, Italians, French, Austrian/Hungarian, so much history!


Church of St. Donatus, 9th C

The 1991 Croatian war also known as the home war, meant many were killed and 10,000 left for other parts, he tells us that many Croatians emigrated to Australia, he says that most of the inhabitants now come from other parts and are not initially from Croatia, however there is a small Italian community of just a few hundred from when Italy controlled it.

Zadar was not too crowded even though there is a new cruise port and a very good ferry port for cruises to other islands.


Training priests stood at the hole above (looks like a TV) practicing to the older priests below, now a private dining room in a restaurant

We finished the tour at 2.30pm ending on the waters edge by the sea organs and sun worship monument, the sea organ is built on the beautiful promenade it consists of tubes built into the steps and makes sounds when the water enters them, all you can see are small holes in the promenade, the sounds of the sea organ are very strange sounds like a whale! We will come back at sunset to see the Sun Worship monument which is a solar display, a 22 metre glass disc made up of 300 multi layers of glass which lights up in many colours and powers the lights along the promenade.

Back to Pogo for more blogging! And we need to clean the van inside, but it’ll wait one more day. We couldn’t be bothered cooking, so we ate a punnet of strawberries.

The walk through Zadar streets and back to the huge promenade was relaxing as the heat was reducing in the early evening, the sunset at 8pm was stunning and the film maker and master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock liked to stay in a hotel on the front and proclaimed the sunsets as the most beautiful in the world! A bold quote indeed.


The water was very calm so not much sound from the sea organ. The light solar display was nice but we are told it now interacts with the sounds from the sea organ, so I suppose if you go when it’s breezy or the water is choppy then you get a better display.


Sun Salutation

We went back to Pogo about and there’s not much for dinner, so it was a crackers and cheese fest with little mini bruchetta from Lidl which we love, followed by chocolate washed down with some €2 red wine, got to love a throw together cheap dinner.


We were listening to music on the iPad with the Bose speaker which were all fully charged as we’d had electric hook up at Camp Rozac when we heard a knock on the van and the drivers’ door handle being tried! We were a bit startled I must say. All our blinds are closed, and we’ve lowered the overcab bed already. There is a security company adjoining the car park and they have what look like police vans, the guys wear black T shirt and black caps, we opened the blinds to look out and saw a guy dressed as described above cycling about the car park, we assumed he was telling us to leave, he didn’t return to us but just kept going around and in between all the cars stopping and trying all the door handles and the boot of each car!! Strange we thought? he can’t be security, can he? no, reader he was not! He was a thief, we saw him remove something from one car and stuff it in is pocket! Disappearing into a hedge and then reappearing for another round of the car park, this went on for about 35 mins, we gave up watching and closed the blinds, 15 mins later he tries our door handle again or his mate did, this time I opened the window and shouted  “oi” “ go away” well it might have been something similar, surprisingly we slept well, Dave has the door chained to the drivers wheel and the bed is on top of that so no chance they are getting in!


Hat today, gone tomorrow!

Tuesday 1st May 2018

Cathy posting,

Happy Birthday to our lovely daughter, this morning was leisurely, sat on the beach with a cup of tea and watched people swimming, today we leave the site and we are heading to Trogir. Dave & Sat Naff had a fall out today, in future he says he’ll follow it as today he decided he knows better and we’ve no idea where we went! but it was a 20Km detour!

We arrived at Camp Rozac which is on Čiovo in the Central Adriatic, a little island joined by a tiny swing bridge over to Trogir which in itself is a little island attached also by a bridge to the mainland, the site is again on the beach and it’s €27 plus €1 per person tax, we thought it was €19 but no the prices go up from the 1st May! The info isn’t always correct so unless you call in advance which we can’t be bothered to do then you take your chances, we pitched up on the beach, no issues this time as I wasn’t there!


view from Pogo on Čiovo

I’ve lost my beloved hat, the one I bought at Punta Sabbioni just before crossing over to Venice I love that hat, it fits my head! I have fine blonde hair and I hate the sun on my head as it burns my scalp, I’ve had heat stroke twice before and always wear a hat in the sun, no exceptions ever! The Venice hat ticks all the boxes for me, the fit, lets air through the fabric, it’s lightweight, keeps its shape, brim not too big at the front, small brim at the back and a nice bow that protects my neck, I’m very upset about the loss, I don’t know if I’ve left it in the shower block at the last campsite, Camping Plantaza in Starigrad yesterday?

Off we go about 5pm after pitching up to walk into Trogir, it’s along a main road but there’s no pathway, then a shortcut up a steep hill through the homes of the locals and down to the swing bridge, crossing over we are in sight of the Trogir medieval fortress which is called Kamerlengo.


walking from the camp to Trogir in the distance

At the water front which joins Trogir to Čiovo is a lovely promenade lined with palm trees with small cruise ships and boats moored up alongside, we suspect the day trippers are lunching somewhere on the front.


view of the promenade at Trogir from the Fortress

I need a new hat, so we decide to leave the sightseeing until tomorrow and start walking through the labyrinth of tiny streets, they are so narrow and pretty, we haven’t seen anything like it since Bergamo 


romantic balcony?

No luck finding a hat in any of the shops we tried but I did find a beautiful little restaurant, all lilac and purple tablecloths in a little nook with stone steeps planted with flowers and pretty as a picture, Dave says we are not allowed as the budgets knackered, even a sad face didn’t work!


maybe another time 😦


even the launderettes are pretty in Croatia

We went back to Pogo and had an omelette cooked outside and watched the fireworks for the 1st May holiday for Croatia over the bay, it was a special sight, lots of families from Croatia & Slovenia enjoying their last evening on the beach.