Konstanz – Germany

Dave posting,

Thursday 5th April 2018


Left the Aire at Radolfzell this morning and drove a short distance of approx. 22 kms to Konstanz. Before reaching Konstanz we called at a petrol station to buy a Swiss Vignette for the motorhome, it’s requirement to drive on certain motorways and roads in Switzerland, it cost €36, but it means in effect that you have prepaid for the toll roads, it’s valid up until 31 Jan 2019 I think.

swiss vign

Widely available at stations near the border

The motorhome stopover at Konstanz is a very busy car park 50 yards from the city centre, buses and cars park here also there was about 8 motorhomes when we arrive. (It’s €18.00 for a 24 hour stay). The police seemed to be stationed in the car park which is very comforting, and they seem to be checking every bus that comes in, we’re not sure what they are looking for but they are thorough in their work.

It’s raining heavily so we get the kettle on, finally it breaks and off we go to explore but we got too complacent and it was only a break in the weather, we quickly hurried in to a coffee shop to avoid the downpour, coffees requested and I asked for an espresso special on the menu, turns out it had whisky in it!

There’s a break in the rain and we head back to the van as it’s forecast heavy rain for another hour or two. Relaxing and chilling out in the van, Cathy used the Mr D pot for the first time on this trip, made a chilli con carne for that evenings meal. As it’s being prepared the smells waft across to the van next door and the German lady says with a big smile “das izz goode, yah” we laugh and call back “it’s a chilli for later”. The Mr D pot works like the hay box method of cooking where an inner pan sits inside a thermally insulated larger pan with an outside skin, just chop food in to small pieces, add enough liquid to more than cover, bring to the boil & simmer for 10 mins, put the cooking pan inside its insulated pot and leave for up to 4-5 hours. It loses heat at a very slow rate therefore the cooking process continues. It’s great for low energy use and the convenience of your meal being cooked whilst you are doing other things.


Imperia Statue, it slow turns 360°

Imperia Statue

The statue stands at the entrance to the harbour of Konstanz, Germany to commemorate the Council of Constance that took place between 1414 and 1418, it’s 9 metres high, it rotates on it’s axis once every 4 minutes. A voluptuous, scantily clothed woman holding 2 men on her hands, one is Pope Martin V and the other is Emperor Sigismund, both are naked except for the crown and Papal Tiara. It is said to conspicuously memorialise a prostitute.

Konstanz was the place where the Catholic church finally resolved the question of how many men should rule the Catholic Church and from where. During the council of 1414-1418 the population swelled from 7,000 to 20,000 as the European powers arrived to argue who should have the Papacy, Gregory in Rome, John XX111 in Pisa or Benedict in Avignon. Cardinals, academics, bishops settled to discuss, the statue is said represents the weakness of these powerful, important men gathered to discuss the future Catholic church and yet Imperia has power over them, their morals forgotten.


Old Rhine Bridge


Old town gateway



The flags caught my eye




Ah, we have found the sun at last!

The sun appears once more and we got out again all wrapped up, not chancing it again we are out now no matter, we walk alongside the huge beautiful lake in a westerly direction, it was a dry, clear late afternoon and early evening is imminent. Let’s see if we can buy a drink in that Lebanese restaurant, it looks like its got a balcony overlooking the water, as the door opens we can smell the most gorgeous food smells, urmmmmmm, lovely pity we’ve got a chilli waiting.  Nice owners, no problem, zwei lager bitte and can we sit outside? Are you sure? isn’t it very cold and windy she said in excellent English. Yes please if that’s ok we’re English! she laughs yes no problem. Two lagers appear in lovely glasses with Konstanz written on them that we wish we could take home


We sit outside enjoying the tranquillity, the view and our time here at Lake Bodensee.

The chilli con carne was superb, spicy just how we like it! Cathy threw in some fridge stuff too like green beans, no waste in our van!

The next day we are up at 7.30 and out by 8am without breakfast in glorious sunshine, it looks warmer than it is though.

Heading of in an easterly direction on the shores of the lake. This area is mainly sports and community facilities, museums, docking for boats, lakeshore cafes, bars and restaurant, couple of smart looking hotels, large open spaces and parks. Fantastic for families and big kids!

What a great way to start the day!


Peaceful few minutes


These keep catching my eye!

Meandering back we had to have a coffee on such a superb day we’re not ordering any breakfast we’ll have something back at Pogo, these are the most expensive coffees we had to date at €4.50 each! they were large and they tasted good and we had a lovely view too! we had walked for about 2.5 hours though so well deserved.



6 thoughts on “Konstanz – Germany

  1. Great pictures- especially the tree lined walk way.
    As for the excuse of having an early whiskey in the “espresso special” – I’ll try that.
    “Boy Beers” a plenty I see too.


  2. Thank you for the update Dave, it is a great help to us as we are travelling in our Moho in September to Switzerland, and we plan to be travelling to Brienz, Lake Constance/Bodensee, Ausburg, Rothenburg and other stops on the ‘Romantic Road’, before heading back home through Holland .I knew it would be expensive to eat and drink there, so the prices that you quote for coffee and beers etc came as no surprise, but useful none the less. I’m loving the photos, so keep them coming x


    • Hi Julia, you will love Switzerland and Germany’s romantic road! In 2008 we did a motorbike tour of the Rhine and Romantic Road, we absolutely loved the routes and scenery, it was very beautiful and the medieval villages and towns were amazing. Don’t know if you can manage it in a motorhome but Burg Eltz Castle on the Moselle, south east of Koblensk was superb, great hosts and we were well lokked after. Good luck with your trip!


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