Side Awning Test



Good news the awning works!

This morning we woke to bright sunshine after a deep frost last night and today would be a good time to test the side awning as we have never even tried to use it. I reversed Pogo off the drive, creating space for the awning, we are cautious about doing this but it has to be done and slowly unwind the mechanism, not surprising it’s stiff, taking my time it gently unravels, the upright legs are released and it’s all operating correctly, what a relief!

Sprayed WD40 on the moving parts and wound it out and in a few times, all is still good.

We are happier knowing everything is ok with the awning. Put Pogo back on the drive and now it’s time for a winter garden clear up in the sunshine, removing all the dead heads, rake the leaves, rake the debris out from under the conifers and a good general tidy up.

There is only 3 weeks left now before we leave and our tenants move in, it sounds strange saying that!



Ahh, that’s music to my ears!

Wednesday 7th Feb 2018



At last!

Lee from DB Audio came late afternoon yesterday and removed the old radio and replaced it with our “new” one – PURE H260dbi. Very happy with the standard of work and the quality of the radio, we can’t wait use to all the features, CD, DAB/FM/MW, Aux, USB and Bluetooth. The DAB radio require a DAB aerial and this has been attached to the side windscreen and provides a clear and strong signal.




There’s how much to shred?

Friday 2nd Feb 2018

After a hospital appointment for Cathy this morning we decided to set to on the destruction of confidential documents, where does all this paper come from?

It has taken us hours and it’s still not finished, the shredder keeps overheating as well, we will have another go at it tomorrow.



How much more is there to do?

It didn’t take long before we became fed up after a few hours of this.


Packing Systems

Wednesday 30th January 2018 – 2 days

We need a system, as we are renting our property as furnished we have to consider everything we own, all of our clothes and possessions and what we should do them as we go through every cupboard in the house;

  • does it go in to the motorhome?
  • does it go in the packing boxes? (to be stored at our daughters house)
  • does it go in to our suitcases, in case we come back after 3 months and we want other clothes to wear for occasions like weddings, christenings, parties, etc (suitcases stored at our daughters also)
  • does it go to charity
  • or does it stay for the tenants?

This is not as easy as it sounds, we are trying to be ruthless, I think Cathy is better at clearing out than I am, it took us a few days.



A couple of boxes done after just 3 hours. Lots more to follow!



Tuesday 30th January 2018

Organisation day, we compiled a list of companies, people, services, businesses, bank accounts, utilities and everybody else we could think of who we need to inform about our change of address.

Whilst I was sat at my laptop in the conservatory a friendly visitor appeared in the garden.


During our shakedown trips we like listening to music and the radio, but the one in the van doesn’t seem good enough, FM/AM and CD unit only, the reception is poor, the sound quality is not so good either. Sometime in the future we would like to change it for a better unit, I was casually looking through eBay at radios and I saw the exact item we wanted, a PURE Highway H260DBi, it’s DAB, FM, AM, with CD, iPod, iPhone, USB and Bluetooth unused and brand new for £75, the usual retail price is around £129.99. The reviews look good, I sent the advert to Lee at DB Radio who did our reversing camera and hard wired the dash cam to ask his advice and a price for fitting. Lee quoted £60 to fit, quickly back to eBay and purchased the unit and , installation appointment made for next week.



The unit also came with DAB glass aerial worth £19.99, so it has ended up as a good purchase.