Side Awning Test



Good news the awning works!

This morning we woke to bright sunshine after a deep frost last night and today would be a good time to test the side awning as we have never even tried to use it. I reversed Pogo off the drive, creating space for the awning, we are cautious about doing this but it has to be done and slowly unwind the mechanism, not surprising it’s stiff, taking my time it gently unravels, the upright legs are released and it’s all operating correctly, what a relief!

Sprayed WD40 on the moving parts and wound it out and in a few times, all is still good.

We are happier knowing everything is ok with the awning. Put Pogo back on the drive and now it’s time for a winter garden clear up in the sunshine, removing all the dead heads, rake the leaves, rake the debris out from under the conifers and a good general tidy up.

There is only 3 weeks left now before we leave and our tenants move in, it sounds strange saying that!



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