Packing Systems

Wednesday 30th January 2018 – 2 days

We need a system, as we are renting our property as furnished we have to consider everything we own, all of our clothes and possessions and what we should do them as we go through every cupboard in the house;

  • does it go in to the motorhome?
  • does it go in the packing boxes? (to be stored at our daughters house)
  • does it go in to our suitcases, in case we come back after 3 months and we want other clothes to wear for occasions like weddings, christenings, parties, etc (suitcases stored at our daughters also)
  • does it go to charity
  • or does it stay for the tenants?

This is not as easy as it sounds, we are trying to be ruthless, I think Cathy is better at clearing out than I am, it took us a few days.



A couple of boxes done after just 3 hours. Lots more to follow!