Heki roof-light & roof rail repair

Pogo has a Heki roof-light over the double bed, we suspected that there might be a small drip after I removed the frame to fix the roller blinds. The roller blinds needed tightening up so they run smoother back to the closed position.

I removed the trim easily enough, 4 screws, slowly lowered the frame and this is what we saw.

heki drip2

Well I need to fix that!

Removed some more trim, stood on the bed and took the grey smoke roof light off. It was held on by two plastic removable clips.


Stripped back, canopy & shelving

heki drip1

Where is that coming from?

Popped my head through the wider opening so I can work on the roof from the outside.

sky drip2

Close up shot

I spent the next 3 hours removing the black sealant outside, the wrong type of sealant might been used previously. I need a very clean surface to apply the correct sealant to.


Took ages to remove this black gunk, used white spirit and a pan scrub

Advice taken from the Motorhome Fun forums reference the correct type of sealant to use, recommendations were Sikaflex EBT from Screwfix and W4 Mastic Sealing Strip available widely from caravan accessory shops in different size widths.

Just took my time, thoroughly cleaned it all off, applied the W4 tape, and place the outside frame on top of the tape, fastened the frame up from the inside so it squeezed both the inside and outside together to form a tight, perfect seal. Then I used the Sikaflex EBT to seal the frame to the roof on the outside.

It looks good hopefully it has cured the problem.

On one of our outings we checked the repair I had done and it seems there is a very small amount of water seeping in and settling inside the roof light frame once again and some towards the front sloping headlining.

Once we got home we decided to water test the front roof rail by spraying water on the roof rail and testing the inside.

water test

Water testing in the rain!


The roof rail might not be water tight, I’ll have another look in the dry weather.

Next steps were to remove the black plastic weather strip and check it properly. I stand on the bed and put my body through the roof light so I can work on the rail.

rubber strip

Clean up and reseal required!

I am doing another cleaning up and old sealant removal on the rubber plastic strip and the metal rail, it took a few hours, but cleaning it thoroughly is the only way to provide a good clean seal.

During the cleaning and a very close inspection I think that water is creeping in through this hole, it looks like another screw has been used next to the original hole.


Could this be the problem?

I find two holes like this, hopefully this is the problem and I can now make a permanent repair.

Taking my time I clean it all back including the rubber strip, let it dry off, applied  Sikaflex EBT and filled the whole rail from left to right all the way across, pushed the black rubber strip down back in place and sealed that as well.

clened up

Cleaned up ready for fresh sealant


Let it dry off for a few days, completed a water hose pipe test once more, fingers crossed, a close inspection inside and no signs of water ingress, breathe a sigh of relief as it looks like it has cured the problem.

Our perseverance has paid off!