Hat today, gone tomorrow!

Tuesday 1st May 2018

Cathy posting,

Happy Birthday to our lovely daughter, this morning was leisurely, sat on the beach with a cup of tea and watched people swimming, today we leave the site and we are heading to Trogir. Dave & Sat Naff had a fall out today, in future he says he’ll follow it as today he decided he knows better and we’ve no idea where we went! but it was a 20Km detour!

We arrived at Camp Rozac which is on Čiovo in the Central Adriatic, a little island joined by a tiny swing bridge over to Trogir which in itself is a little island attached also by a bridge to the mainland, the site is again on the beach and it’s €27 plus €1 per person tax, we thought it was €19 but no the prices go up from the 1st May! The info isn’t always correct so unless you call in advance which we can’t be bothered to do then you take your chances, we pitched up on the beach, no issues this time as I wasn’t there!


view from Pogo on Čiovo

I’ve lost my beloved hat, the one I bought at Punta Sabbioni just before crossing over to Venice I love that hat, it fits my head! I have fine blonde hair and I hate the sun on my head as it burns my scalp, I’ve had heat stroke twice before and always wear a hat in the sun, no exceptions ever! The Venice hat ticks all the boxes for me, the fit, lets air through the fabric, it’s lightweight, keeps its shape, brim not too big at the front, small brim at the back and a nice bow that protects my neck, I’m very upset about the loss, I don’t know if I’ve left it in the shower block at the last campsite, Camping Plantaza in Starigrad yesterday?

Off we go about 5pm after pitching up to walk into Trogir, it’s along a main road but there’s no pathway, then a shortcut up a steep hill through the homes of the locals and down to the swing bridge, crossing over we are in sight of the Trogir medieval fortress which is called Kamerlengo.


walking from the camp to Trogir in the distance

At the water front which joins Trogir to Čiovo is a lovely promenade lined with palm trees with small cruise ships and boats moored up alongside, we suspect the day trippers are lunching somewhere on the front.


view of the promenade at Trogir from the Fortress

I need a new hat, so we decide to leave the sightseeing until tomorrow and start walking through the labyrinth of tiny streets, they are so narrow and pretty, we haven’t seen anything like it since Bergamo 


romantic balcony?

No luck finding a hat in any of the shops we tried but I did find a beautiful little restaurant, all lilac and purple tablecloths in a little nook with stone steeps planted with flowers and pretty as a picture, Dave says we are not allowed as the budgets knackered, even a sad face didn’t work!


maybe another time 😦


even the launderettes are pretty in Croatia

We went back to Pogo and had an omelette cooked outside and watched the fireworks for the 1st May holiday for Croatia over the bay, it was a special sight, lots of families from Croatia & Slovenia enjoying their last evening on the beach.