Tuesday 30th January 2018

Organisation day, we compiled a list of companies, people, services, businesses, bank accounts, utilities and everybody else we could think of who we need to inform about our change of address.

Whilst I was sat at my laptop in the conservatory a friendly visitor appeared in the garden.


During our shakedown trips we like listening to music and the radio, but the one in the van doesn’t seem good enough, FM/AM and CD unit only, the reception is poor, the sound quality is not so good either. Sometime in the future we would like to change it for a better unit, I was casually looking through eBay at radios and I saw the exact item we wanted, a PURE Highway H260DBi, it’s DAB, FM, AM, with CD, iPod, iPhone, USB and Bluetooth unused and brand new for £75, the usual retail price is around £129.99. The reviews look good, I sent the advert to Lee at DB Radio who did our reversing camera and hard wired the dash cam to ask his advice and a price for fitting. Lee quoted £60 to fit, quickly back to eBay and purchased the unit and , installation appointment made for next week.



The unit also came with DAB glass aerial worth £19.99, so it has ended up as a good purchase.