Zlatibor – Ski village and summer sports town-Serbia

3rd June 2018

Cathy posting,

Stopping for fuel this morning and Pogo is given a free face wash!

P1060420And he needed it too, even better Dave has managed to get a good Serbian map so we are all sorted, we can find our way finally and we are heading for Zlatibor and the scenery changes again back to softer meadows and extreme green pastures, we are surprised by Serbia its beautiful, its much like Montenegro but slightly rougher around the edges of the towns, the roads are mostly bad with more holes than a sieve!

Zlatibor is a very popular tourist resort in Western Serbia and it lies on the road linking Belgrade with the Mediterranean coast, Zlatibor means golden pine and it’s a big winter sports destination, a 30 kms long and 12kms wide plateau Continue reading


Friday 18th May 2018

Cathy posting,

Last night we made our way to Dubrovnik from Split where we had our rear brakes repaired, we made the decision not to go through Bosnia, the Croatian Coastal area has a brief pause at Neum. Bosnia received 12 miles of coast during the break up of former Yugoslavia. We do not have motor-home insurance for the 12 mile stretch which we would need to drive, we could buy it at some of the border checkpoints but not at Neum it seems, we’ve read stories of long queues in summer mostly and backhanders plus other stories of being waved through and no payment. We decide to go by sea and road to Dubrovnik via the Peljesac peninsular, this is accessed via a ferry from Ploče, the Peljesac peninsular is supposed to be very nice with one easy road to drive along, from here we can access Dubrovnik, thus avoiding Bosnia & Herzegovina. It was 5pm when we left the garage, so Dave says he’ll drive for a while and we’ll find somewhere to stop in an hour to 1.5 hrs. We’ve been up and down this stretch a couple of times now! (when Cathy lost her hat!)

This morning before we went to the garage I made a meal in the Mr D cookpot so tea is sorted for later. We drive long the Makarska Riviera, it’s absolutely stunning and we didn’t think it could get any better! The roads in Croatia are superb for driving, wide, smooth and nearly always in excellent condition although as we going south and Pogo is left hand drive I am always near the edge and boy! there are some very high roads in Croatia, which also makes for excellent views.

We stop at a view-point for a photo and look at the camper contact website for somewhere nearby to stay, we use the off-line version which saves our mi-fi (wi-fi) and it’s only 10kms away. We are pleasantly surprised when we arrive that the price for the pitch, motorhome and 2 people is only 124kn (€16.79 after ACSI discount). We can park anywhere apparently, but what a strange site this is, it’s massive with lots of trees, just a few people here mostly in caravans, lots of old mobile homes, a pizzeria (shut), a shop that is open, a bar (shut), a restaurant (shut), we ate our spicy veggie tea, the one I prepared earlier, Blue Peter style, give me that badge!

Afterwards we decide to explore this vast place, there were many people about all wearing the same red T shirts? Walking downhill towards the beach area we see tired worn out buildings, a very communist eastern bloc era feel to it, put it with the beautiful Croatian coast – what a mixture!

Some workmen were putting up red bunting, there was lots of laughing and joking I said they were drunk! Dave says they’re just happy! when one of them decides to pee at the edge of our pitch I know he’s drunk….. 😦

Down on the beach there is a lovely sunset and we stroll along the wooded area offset by pine trees, the smell of blossom in the evening air, more of the red T shirts, we walk past another hotel on the edge of the site with lots of loud music, sounds like a party.


Another beautiful sunset at Basko Plojce

And lots more red T shirts, we find out later that it is a convention for a Croatian food manufacturer and what a party they were having, we sat in a little rocky cove just listening to the waves whoosh up on to the rocks, such a natural sound but with  a party beat in the background.

Back at Pogo we head to the shop, we have no water left and Dave can’t be bothered to find the fresh water point in this huge place in the dark, so it’s a giant beer in a 2 litre plastic bottle


It’s the same one we have been drinking, Ozujsko, just £3.30 for 2 litres. Made use of the camp site showers in G block, it feels like a prison camp, and the worst shower I’ve had so far, most of the water ran out of the door! There were only two to choose from and someone had designated the other one as their personal shower, soap, shampoo and flannel all ready to go!

We’ve off to bed early as we tend to rise early and we’re excited to be heading en-route to Dubrovnik.

Night, night

Cathy x

ACSI books have arrived


Europe feels closer now

All the motor-home travel blogs we follow recommend joining the ACSI for cheaper site fees in Europe particularly in off the season. The membership is only valid for one year between January and December. Ours arrived yesterday, the usual cost is £17.99 but we bought it for just £12.99 via the Caravan and Camping Club website, cheaper because we are members.

The ACSI discount camping card is inside leaf of book 2.

P1020597The level of site information is amazing, detailed and very comprehensive including GPS coordinates, number spaces, facilities, address, telephone, email, etc.



All we have got to do now is get cross the channel and use the books, we can’t wait!