Trip No.5 Aysgarth

December 2017

We want to go away again so we booked a Certified Site (Caravan and Camping Club) in Aysgarth.

We chose Colemans of Asygarth, and what a superb find it turned out to be, it’s probably the best small certified site we have ever been on. It has been very well thought out, planned and built; level and wide hard standings, superb bathroom block, free hot showers, extremely clean, coffee shop, information point, EHU (electric hook up) with super views of the countryside and a 4 minute walk to the George & Dragon pub with a roaring fire! Met another motor homing couple in the pub and we had a laugh together.

Morning! Who’s got a bad head then? It was forecast for a storm and gale force winds and it was a very, very windy night! the van literally swayed! Cathy wasn’t happy she said she thought she’d been on a boat all night! but after breakfast we brave the weather and step outside on to the adjacent public footpath and head off towards Wensley along the side of River Ure. We walk past the part of the river bed where in the film Robin Hood, Prince Of  Thieves  Robin Hood fights with Little John.


Was it here? – River Ure


P1020335Back in Pogo and the strong winds feel like 40-50mph and they come in gusts, so quiet one minute then its howling around us the next, it’s difficult to relax when it hits the van and rocks us!

I am outside now putting silver foil behind the fridge vents trying to stop the draughts and cold air coming in, it’s blowing strongly through the fridge vents we are on electric hook up so there are no gas fumes being produced, so it’s ok to do this. We considered turning the van around, but it seemed like too much fuss and surely the winds will die down soon won’t they? Well they don’t subside at all and it continues all the way through to tomorrow morning, we had probably our worst nights sleep in Pogo ever, it felt like a washing machine cycle, quiet for a few minutes and then wallop strong gusts moving the van from side to side, it felt like a 8 hour washing machine cycle, we were knackered.

A bleary eyed breakfast and once dressed we are going to Autogas 2000 near Thirsk, it’s a short drive maybe 40 minutes. You might recall we bought 2 LPG Refillable bottles from a chap in Lockerbie and we wanted it installed by a professional engineer, I really didn’t want to fit it myself.

Discussed the job with John, he asked “do we want a gas filling point inside the locker or a filling point on a skirt?” Well actually neither, I prompted him to recall our conversation last week when I explained our motorhome doesn’t have any skirts that would be suitable, and we would like a filling point installed in the bodywork that drops inside an interior cupboard and then down through to the bottles. John “let’s have a look at the job, 5 minutes later, ok, no problem, I watched and chatted with him whilst he worked for 90 minutes. John gave me a training session on how to fill our LPG bottles at the petrol stations and showed me the 3 filler adaptors that we need for European stations.


the new white LPG filler point



only just fit in!

The total cost was £138 including the remote filler parts and cap, the extra pipe work, labour and 3 adaptors.

Homeward bound now on the M62 after another shakedown trip.

Dave & Cathy

PS – we are still water tight with no signs of drips………..