Bobbing about in Visegrad – Hungary

Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd June 2018

Cathy posting,

Dave wants to pack up and go, it seems Budapest has its own micro-climate, it’s 25c first thing as we wake but the temp is more like 30c we slept terribly a combo of heat and the Palinkas, not having those again. We haven’t done much of the sights in the city apart from walking around viewing them from the outside, we both really wanted to go inside Matthias Church up in Buda but it’s going to have to be a return visit in cooler climes. I tidy the inside of Pogo getting ready to set off, the usual things, cupboards secure, fridge secure and locked, dishes washed, Dave is outside getting fresh water with a watering can from the nearby tap and Pogo gets a big drink ready for some free camping, awning away, chairs away he just about to unplug the electric hook up as a lady drives her camper into the bollard holding at least 6 hook ups knocks it down and drives right over the top of it bollard! The noise made me jump out of my skin. Dave comes inside as it’s not safe to touch the bollard, he’s melting, sweat dripping from his face like a melting ice lolly. Continue reading

Serenaded in Budapest

19th& 20th June 2018

Cathy posting,

Pogo is still parked up in Camping Haller just inside Budapest and today we will take a walking tour of the city, we’ve decided  to do the afternoon one as we enjoyed our night in Budapest just a little too much and getting back late meant we arose late with slightly sore Continue reading