Paradise by the harbour lights

Klimno, Soline Bay, Krk,

Saturday 21st April 2018

Cathy posting,

Here we are at Camp Slamni, we think we are paying €17 for this superior pitch with sea views of the bay, but it could be less if we get the discount promised to us (with our ASCI card, link here) on arrival. We’re not sure if was €17 and then discount or €17 with discount, we don’t really mind as it’s a superb site, small apparently as we said by Croatian standards which I’m sure we’ll discover over the coming weeks.

Our pitch is superb and it’s very private, No.1 pitch folks if you ever come here. We could sit and look at the views all day. I’m planning to swim in the water later, I’ll see if I can drag Dave in! We have no breakfast ingredients, so Dave sets off for the 5-minute walk in to Klimno for fresh bread and porridge if he can find any. I go and see how good the showers are, they’re great! Even if I do have to keep pressing the button. Dave ambles back with the lovely fresh bread and we eat it with Italian butter and English lemon curd, out comes the little Italian espresso coffee maker and we sit and take in the view, our spot is idyllic and in the shade but little bits of seeds are dropping from the fig trees above us, so Dave decides to pull out the awning, first time we have ever used it, fingers crossed! Yes, it opened okay, that’s going to be useful as its predicted to be 28° today.

Our daughter and her hubby have planned to Facetime or WhatsApp video us at 12.30pm our time so we’ll just sit here and wait! happily waiting, happily watching! We lunch on some oranges and bananas and we take a walk about 5pm into Klimno harbour, it’s a lovely pleasant marina with views out to the mountain.


We stop for a glass of wine and beer at a restaurant overlooking the bay. So peaceful and would be a wonderful place for a sunset dinner.


After that we walk over to a lovely bar with locals in and have a wine & beer, Dave goes in to pay and they don’t take any cards! which is unusual for Croatia. We haven’t got any Kuna, but the guy says he’ll exchange €10 for Kuna’s, no idea what rate we got! But it’s Hobsons choice for us, we’ll have to get it sorted tomorrow.

Back at the campsite we go for a pizza at the site restaurant bar at 55Kn, €7.40 or €6.50 GBP, it’s a good deal, Dave couldn’t even finish his but he was full of beer! At 18kn, €2.43 or £2.13 for a pint he’s made the most of it!

We amble back through the site noting that a couple of Dutch and Austrian families have arrived. We are the only British here and we’ve not seen one single British registered motorhome on our journey since Konstanz.

Come on in folks the water is lovely!


I love swimming in the sea!

We lit a citronella candle and watched the light change on the water, we can’t see a single person from our pitch and we’ve an uninterrupted view of the bay and the distant lights glistening and reflecting on the very still water.



We decide that we will stay here, Tuesday 24th April is the Liverpool vs Roma, Champions League semi-final first leg and as Dave is an LFC fan and Rajko, the owner of the site is too! And he said he’ll have the footy on somewhere (we’ve not seen any tv’s anywhere). We’ll stay for the match and then the next day we will make our way to another Croatian spot.

Who knows where we will be for the semi-final second leg in two weeks’ time!

Night, night

Cathy x

7 thoughts on “Paradise by the harbour lights

  1. Even in June and July you don’t see many British vehicles, you hear more British voices ( I assume Cruises) but shhh, it’ll get ruined !!


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